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Holger Simon comments on each song on the album Wheels Of Time (2005):

Fragments Of Eternity - The intro for Wheels of Time. Our aim was to make the intro sound like the link between the cover and the music. In my opinion we did a good job.

Wheels Of Time - Short and fast! A perfect opening song for a record. Slightly more than 3 minutes of powerful double-bass and melodic twin guitar attacks that are more than adequate to show the listener what to expect in the next 48 minutes. The lyrics (that I wrote) are obviously dealing with the subject “time” as a headline, and “change” in particular. Everybody knows situation where he regrets things that happened in the past, or the desire to go back in time and live through certain situations again because they were so valuable. But whether good or bad: The past is over and one has to let go of things, people and even dreams sometimes. That is tough sometimes, and I for example am a person who finds it difficult to let go of things. But we leave here and now, not in the past. This is what we have to accept.

Escape Reality - A strong midtempo song with great guitar melodies and a mighty chorus. One of my favorite songs on Wheels of Time. The lyrics are very personal thoughts of our singer Guido, and I am not in the position to comment on this.

Chance - Similar structure as “Escape Reality” but with even more breaks and varied beats. Very melodic again. Also one of my favorite songs of the album. Lyrically it deals with the future of our children. We have to understand, that one day they will be the ones who run this messed up place called “Earth”. It is vital to raise our children with a strong consciusness of the importance of nature and our environment. Apart from teaching them to take care of each other it is of course most important to give them all our love and understanding. By the way: Guido, who wrote the lyrics, is a father of two kids, Chris and Karsten also have a little boy each.

Inner Void - Another very fast track and the only song apart from “Sunrise” that was written around the lyrics. Usually the music is written and Guido adds his contribution in form of lyrics and vocal lines to finished song. This time it was the other was round. A classic Speed-Metal Song! Very personal lyrics again. We all know the feeling of emptiness inside us, and the desire to break away from the dull daily life.

One Step Too Far - A very very catchy melody to start with, some say almost cheesy, but with a great vocal line that carries the verses. The chorus is nothing but the starting melody again. Very simple song, that works very well on stage. The words to this song are about the relentless destruction of nature, and that we have already gone too far. This shows in so many different ways and everybody is affected, but still the human race carries on in its numb greed for profit.

Sunrise - Is directly connected to “One Step Too Far”. Musically as well as lyrically. The interlude is a nice happy melody, but if you listen closely you will notice it is slightly out of rhythm and tune. The beginning of the actual song plays the same melody. One of the fastest songs on “Wheels Of Time” and the first one that was written for the new album. It is already 4 years old now. The lyrics are very similar to the ones of “One Step Too Far”.

Shine On - Probably my favorite song on “Wheels Of Time”! Fantastic twin-guitar melody at the beginning, then it calms down, short guitar solo that leads into the verses, which have such a great tune that it still gives me a goose-skin, even though I have listened to it an estimated 2 million times. Similar lyrics as Inner Void: The constant search for that certain little bit more in our lives.

Fade Out - This is not actually a Custard song. It was written by our producer and engineer Andreas Steinmetz, who thought it would fit the Custard sound perfectly. It took him some persuading to make us think the same. But when Guido wrote newe lyrics and vocal lines for the song we all agreed it was more than adequate to have it on the record. The basic riff sounds kind of American style, which is the reason why the band thought it would not match the "typical” Custard style. It is a good song though and in the end everybody was happy with it. Very sad lyrics! A person is told by the doctor that he has an incurable disease and that he will die very soon. So he reflects on his life and finds out that he had a good life, great friends and a loving family. So he uses the remaining time of his life to enjoy himself but also to say goodbye.

Lost Forever - Cool straight and simple song that is a very popular live-track! It just rocks! The lyrics are somewhat different compared to the other song. This is probably the song with the most "Metal-like"-lyrics. It is all about never giving up, no matter how often you are stabbed in the back, beaten down and betrayed. Just get back on your feet again and carry on.

Scared - Probably the fastest and heaviest song on Wheels Of Time. My thrash metal roots show up in this track. I like it a lot and so do most people I know. The story would make a brilliantscript for a movie. A disillusioned man who thinks life has nothing more to offer decides to “leave” this life, but since he is a coward, he hires a killer and pays him a lot of money to kill him at the most unexpected moment. But then he meets the love of his life and finds new sense in living. But he cannot trace the gunman anymore, so he hides away from the killer he hired himself to end his life. And now he is begging to stay alive! The story has no end. Perfect last song.

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