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Pete Ahonen comments on each song on the album Burned Down The Enemy (2007):

Parasite - This song combines the sound of Symphony X, Judas Priest and Yngwie Malmsteen. One of the oldest songs I've written. Lyrically it's about a person who really made our lives very difficult at one period in time.

Heart Of Gold - Very cool kind of 80`s vibe guitar / keyboard riff, the most melodic track we have ever done. Little bit of Queensryche in the verse and a very, very sing-a-long friendly chorus! A great break in the middle with maybe a little bit of good old Accept in there :) Lyrically it's about someone that falls into this kind of dark emptiness and can't find some comfort from there. We are making a promo video from this one.

Dawn Of The Ancient War - One of the new tracks. This combines the sound of Dio, Manowar and Bruce Dickinson :) Cool pounding rhythms in the verse and in the chorus. Lyrically it's about a person or persons who just don`t see themselves or their actions and what they do to others. This is Jussi's (our keyboardists) favourite track.

Hell Awaits - The fastest song we have ever done! A Helloween meets Yngwie Malmsteen type of song. This track has a very cool break in the verse that gives the song nuance; it's not just a doublebass drum attack. Again, the lyrics are about someone behaving badly, he he…

From The Beginning Of It All - This is the first real power ballad from Burning Point. It combines the sound of Europe, Scorpions and Queensryche. A great solo part gives this song a very heavy vibe although it is a ballad. Lyrically it's about someone who was too blind to see another person's lies.

Icebound - This is definitively one of our heaviest songs ever. It reminds me a little bit of Yngwie's "Pyramid of Cheops" (7th sign album) combined with massive and symphonic choirs in the refrain! Again there is a cool break before the solo and lyrically it deals with this "great" climate of ours...Freezing cold in the winter, he he…

Deceiver - This is a real rocker, a semi-fast track. Also a type of song we haven't done before. Judas Priest meets Yngwie in this one and I think that the title speaks for itself.

Eye For An Eye - Iron Maiden meets Queensryche meets Accept on this one. Some progressive elements and a massive chorus! Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth...you know where this is leading : )

To Hell And Back - Again, a very cool riff playing in unison with the keyboard. I wanted a song that was in the same vein as Into The Fire on our previous album, entitled Feeding The Flames. It has got a great "classical" solo part in the middle. Yngwie meets Helloween and Judas Priest on this one : ) Lyrically it's about someone's trip through hell and back.

Against The Madness Of Time - This is also one of the new tracks. A great bass line in the beginning and then it starts with a massive guitar/keyboard riff!! Again, a vibe of Judas Priest and Yngwie can be heard added with some modern metal sounds. Lyrically it's about trying to fight against the terrible things that happen in this space and time.

Burned Down The Enemy - Well, this definitively one of my favourite tracks! This one combines the sound of the early days of Helloween, Manowar, King Diamond, Judas Priest etc. It is a really progressive track with lots of different parts and a lot of diffrent moods regarding the vocals for example. What a great way to close this trilogy! SALVATION BY FIRE, FEEDING THE FLAMES and BURNED DOWN THE ENEMY !!!

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