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Stevie Janevski comments on each song on the album Silent Company (2005):

Dragon Reborn - A very uptempo paced track. This one conjures a devious shady character. With little values and even less scruples it is about those that twist and turn to make their way ahead in life burning all that get in their way. Through this sordid journey to get to the top they must conquer the temptation of greed to find true salvation and happiness. Only then do they realize that they are the Dragon Reborn.

Silent Company - There's something about the other side of death that fascinates us all. A fascination about the journey of the soul. And the journey of those that didn't quite make it to the other side. There is a theory that everyone has a spirit watching over them. Wondering if that spirit is actually there? Look around. Do you have Silent Company? Hearing strange noises? Voices? Coincidence or not?

Six Ribbons - Celtic feel tune that was originally recorded as a bonus track but turned out interesting and different enough to make the final cut. We were looking for a different type of cover song to put our stamp on and this one seemed to be waiting for us. Love the Ritchie Blackmore and Blind Guardian feel that reeks of emotive days gone by. Originally a hit in Australia by Brit/Aussie entertainer Jon English taken from the mini series Against the Wind in 1978. Features the excellent female guest vocals of Susie Goritchan.

Firestorm - Fall out from war can rage in the mind and hearts of men long after the physical storm is over. This one powers back to a soldier's return to his homeland only to have a bigger battle raging in his head from the atrocities of war that have followed him home and won't go away.

New Horizons - Once upon a time a newborn child was born innocent and pure. These days it seems that a new life can more so be born tainted from its first gasping breath. New Horizons is about the modern world. The earth's evolution and the mess that some of us feel we have made of it. It is about the good and the bad and then weighing up.

Darkened Room - This song is about those who are not in the right state of mind. The darkened room can be a place of sanctuary and a haven to heal wounds so they can face another day and try to make it a brighter day.

Visionary - The tale of an ordinary person with a vision and the fight to make decision makers in power see sense. The struggle of the simple man versus class standings and power. Common sense and foresight versus ego and greed. They say that in many cases even today that the law can be an ass. You can imagine those with visions over the years struggling to get their forward thinking across to those that won't listen.

Never Surrender - A song of hope and salvation. When things are dragging you down - never give up. Believe in yourself! Have faith that a new beginning could be coming your way. The end is NEVER the end if you don't give up.

A Better Way To Die - A song about choices we make. And sometimes choices being forced upon us. Ever wondered how your life will end? And if a greater force was to give you an option which would you take? The options are not of our liking..but maybe YOURS?

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