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Reviewed by Tommy
Tour name: the Silent Force Tour 2005
Special guest: Autumn
City: Groningen, The Netherlands
Venue: De Oosterpoort
Date: 17 April 2005
Autumn setlength: 30 minutes
Within Temptation setlength: 95 minutes



I will not rate this performance since I only caught the last song and a half. But from what I heard it sounded interesting. The music was of course similar to Within Temptations but slightly heavier and more riff based and containing more melodies. Worth checking up.

-- chalices of 10


Within Temptation

Attending this gig, I was expecting a more laidback concert, since they on albums and in tv appearances give a somewhat soft impression. But the band surprised me by being very heavy live and by putting on an intense and energetic show, which had a very good flow and the music live is coming out way more heavy and with more tempo then on cd. The band is apperantly very happy to be back on dutch soil on this last leg of their european tour, and the response from the audience is overwhelming. The venue is packed and the interaction with the audience is intense. Even if I previously have been of another opinion, I have to confess that Sharon den Adel is a very charismatic singer and she does a splendid job carrying a show like this on her shoulders. She sparkled and was truly enjoying what she was doing. The other members were also very active throughout the show and were from time to time almost as much of 'head persons" as Mrs. den Adel.

A special section of the review must be dedicated to the actual show. The stage was built like an angelic garden with 2 big ass statues on each end, accompanied by a pillar. Everything ornamented with green leaves and similar, and podiums for the drumset and the guitarists. And of course the big screen in the back where there were very nice nature movies with for example waterfalls and forests almost constantly running and are providing - or rather enhancing an already existing - perfect mood to the songs. The lighting should also be mentioned, as it was very nice and suitable with nice colors.

They are also using an abundance of pyros to further enhance the experience. Already during the second song there are fires from below and above and bombs going off. From that point forward, the pyros and the fires are occuring very frequently. I would say in every third song for the rest of the concert and it played a big part in the whole picture.

As a downside I have to mention the actual songs. I have never been a really big fan of Within Temptation, and that's because I have always felt that the songs lack pondus and strength, unlike for example Nightwish, who I find to be outstanding and untouchable in this genre. From time to time Within Temptation are dangerously close to be a little bit boring since the lion share of the songs are forged in pretty much the same shape and tempo. They get away with it this night, however, since the varation in tempo and the presence of older material is good and it never stagnates. One thing that struck me half way into the concert, though, is the absence of guitar solos. Also distinct melodies, for that matter. During this whole concert I hear one single solo, or actually it is more like a 40 second long guitar lead. That's it. Personally I find that to be totally unacceptable, musically speaking, and is a big reason to why Within Temptation never will earn a place in my top ranks over bands in this genre.

The high grade which I nevertheless give to this concert is mainly due to the great show and the entertainment value of it all. It was a great evening, and I would go see them again any time I got the chance, and I urge you to do the same.

8,5 chalices of 10


(might not be entirely correct)

See Who I Am
Dangerous Mind
Jillian (I’d Give My Heart)
The Promise
Stand My Ground
Running Up That Hill
Mother Earth
Deceiver Of Fools
The Other Half (Of Me)
Our Farewell
Jane Doe
Ice Queen

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