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Reviewed by Martin
City: Malmö, Sweden
Venue: KB
Date: 29 October 2010
Watain set length: 90 minutes


No band today can with such force claim that they are the embodiment of black metal as Watain. With a unrelenting attitude and big integrity the band has honed a credibility that no other bands have at the moment. 2007's Sworn To The Dark and this year's Lawless Darkness have rightfully secured the position of the band as the standard bearers of satanistic extreme music in Dissection's aftermath.

To say that I had gigantic expectations on the concert this evening is to put things mildly - never before have I looked forward to being floored, stupefied and chocked by a concert as much as this. And I'm not disappointed. Just the stage that the band is using, with fire and carcasses, just enhances the impression that there is so much more in the pipeline than a mere playing of songs that is going to be unleashed on the big crowd at Malmö's KulturBolaget. When the band goes on, they do so with a ironclad attitude an such a sincerity that enchant - I catch myself with actually shivering to the opening notes of Malfeitor.

Songwise the focal points are on the two latest albums. Already mentioned Malfeitor with Reaping Death, Total Funeral and the favorite Wolves Curse from Lawless Darkness pound the eardrums. From Sworn To The Dark the band picks Satan's Hunger, Legions Of The Black Light, The Serpent's Chalice as well as the title song. The rest of the band's discography is represented by Devil's Blood from Casus Luciferi and On Horns Impaled from Rabid Death's Curse.

Watain also squeezes in a Bathory cover in the form of Sacrifice. All songs are played with such force and display of unity that I can't do else than to capitulate. The singing of Erik Danielsson is heavily enforced with reverb as are the drums at times. I truly lift my hat to the sound engineer to setting up such a massive sound. The only objection I have is that I would have liked to have heard more of the very first attack on the kick drums - but apart from this the sound is impeccable.

That Watain is more than a band is evident this night - this is pure force through music. Music that is really designed to disturb, move and chock not for show, but because this is part of a though through idea. Watain is a smart band that know what they want to project on stage, and know how to do it. The crowd pleasing talk between songs is non-existent, a fact that I am very grateful for as this can destroy a concert - and as I truly think that talking in betweeen songs is not necessary for a band such as Watain.

If you're at all interested in black metal you already know what a formidable force Watain is. If you want a demonstration of what this sub genre is in its purest form you can't afford to miss Watain at the moment - this the band showed at KB this night.

9 chalices of 10


Devil's Blood
Satan's Hunger
Reaping Death
Sworn To The Dark
Wolves Curse
Legions Of The Black Light
Total Funeral
On Horns Impaled
The Serpent's Chalice

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