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Reviewed by David
Special guest: Mob Rules
City: Malmö, Sweden
Venue: KB
Date: 14 March 2007
Mob Rules: 45 minutes
UFO: 105 minutes


Mob Rules

This is one of the oddest choices of special guest I have witnessed. Why would old men listening to British 70:s hard rock be interested in a German power metal band from the late 90:s? Add to that a German band that has never really had a breakthrough in Sweden, and consequently have not created their own fan base here. If it felt strange beforehand it felt even more awkward when the band started to play and none - yes none - stood in front of the stage. The crowd, consisting mostly of middle-aged to old men, were hanging in the bar or sitting in the back. After some pledging from the band, fourteen of the younger people went forward after the first song. The weak response would kill the mood of the most professional musician. But Mob Rules did an almost heroic performance, bathing in sweat to appease the crowd.

From the latest album we got the title track Ethnolution A.D., which actually is a concept story of five different songs, stretching over about 24 minutes. In other words more than half of the gig. Nevertheless it is the best part of the new album, so that was probably the right choice. But that also meant that we only got four other songs, including (In The Land Of) Wind And Rain and Hollowed Be Thy Name. Mob Rules did their job the best way they could, concerning the prerequisites. But when you have to excuse yourself to the crowd when you are to play a bit harder metal (Fuel To The Fire) there is a problem…

6 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)



It was obvious from the start that Phil Mogg and Pete Way had had at least a couple of beers before the show. Actually Phil had some problems both to stand straight and keep his eyes focused. The later he blamed on a blond Victoria Silvstedt-lookalike in the front though. Her generous cleavage made him distressed, he told us all several times. Vinnie Moore warned him "not to stare into the sun". And so it went on. But in spite of these small problems the man sang as forceful as ever before. I almost started to suspect some pre-recorded tracks in the background, or a hidden backup singer.

While Phil was struggling to stand straight, Pete was the more energetic and almost took over the show in front of the stage with his base. More than once he showed off a bit extra in front of the blond girl (who's boobs were huge by the way). Unlike Phil and his beer, he was sipping a glass of wine between the songs. He ended playing Shoot Shoot lying on his back on stage. Vinnie Moore on the other hand stood out in a different way, with a sober and outstanding guitar play. After some songs he took over the attention more and more from his older colleagues. Nobody could have missed Michael Schenker this night.

Except from Hard Being Me from the new album Monkey Puzzle, there were few surprises in the set, compared to the Showtime DVD set. That meant that we got some new songs mixed with secondary classics in the first half and a load of heavy classics in the second. I am usually not one of those "it was better back in the good old days"-guys, but with UFO I actually have concentrated myself mostly on their 70:s and early 80:s so far. Therefore the real party started with Only You Can Rock Me, if you ask me.

When we arrived at Rock Bottom you feared that the vein in Phil Mogg's forehead was about to finally burst, when he gave us all he had in his thin body. The hit parade at the end is unbreakable. And the about 300 in the crowd were rocking their beer bellies in a mood which made you feel the smell of grass and moose kebab at Sweden Rock Festival. I just stood dreaming that there could be summer now at once. With a last sip of his beer and a last comment about the blond in the front, Phil Mogg and his friends left no-one disappointed, to start the after party.

8 chalices of 10


Mother Mary
Daylight Goes To Town
Let It Roll
I Am A Loser
Hard Being Me
This Kids
Fighting Man
Only You Can Rock Me
Baby Blue
Love To Love
Too Hot To Handle
Lights Out
Rock Bottom
Doctor Doctor
Shoot Shoot

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