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Reviewed by Tobbe
Special guests: Treadstone + Houston
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Debaser Medis
Date: 21 April 2011
Treat set length: 84 minutes


Having seen Treat three times already, since they released their comeback album, Coup De Grace, in 2010, I'm well familiar with their setlist, which have been near constant throughout this last year. This night, however, we have gotten promises of some changes, including a couple of surprises, in the setlist. Tonight's show in Stockholm is attended by approximately 600 people and the venue is sold out to about two thirds.

The show starts with the intro from the latest album and when the curtains are falling down, they enter with the song, The War Is Over. You could immediately see and hear how tight the drummer Jamie and the bassist Nalle are. The set continues with their hits and songs from Coup De Grace and all the other guys in the band are doing a great job as well. Lead singer Robert is holding the crowd in a firm grip as they connect with the audience. Considering this is the first night of the Easter holidays, they also get some help from chanting beerdrinkers, including me.

About 45 minutes into the set, we get our first real surprise when highly missed Fallen Angel is played and a couple of minutes later we get Dancing On The Edge. Almost all the songs are played near perfection and you can easily see that the band is comfortable on stage and that they are having a good time up there. This fantastic part of the show ends suddenly when Get You On The Run is played. I'm a bit fed up with that song and would prefer if it was left outside the setlist. The rest of the crowd seemed to enjoy it though, so maybe you who read this should listen to what they have to say about that song instead.

The show is coming to an end. Skies Of Mongolia and World Of Promises are played. The latter one is usually a good closer, so much to my surprise they enter the stage for a second encore and are closing the set with Love Stroke. A song far from their best ones, but the surprise factor went up to a maximum level and made my day. Treat are true professionals and are controlling their instruments with grace. This was a solid and great performance and, just as promised, a couple of odd songs were played, making this an even better show. A couple of songs more and a slightly longer set wouldn't have hurt though.

8 chalices of 10


Prelude: Coup De Grace (Intro)
The War Is Over
Strike Without A Warning
Ready For The Taking
Medley: Changes/Rev It Up/Party All Over/Too Wild
We Own The Night
Sole Survivor
Fallen Angel
Dancing On The Edge
Get You On The Run
Skies Of Mongolia
World Of Promises
Love Stroke

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