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Reviewed by Mozzy
City: Sundsvall, Sweden
Venue: Stadshuset
Date: January 28, 2011
Set length: 60 min


Taking place in the middle of the winter, the emergence of an indoor festival in Northern Sweden was most welcome. Named Råckståck, the bill included some of the premier rock bands from Sweden, and following a show from Crashdiet among others, the honour of closing the first day's festivities went to Treat.

This quintet was one of the biggest and most cherished Swedish hard rock bands during the eighties, and when they reformed in 2006, many were delighted. Inspired by the great reception at places like Sweden Rock Festival, the guys decided to create a new album. The result was last year's Coup De Grace, which was quite a sensational return; it was definitely one of the releases of 2010 within melodic hard rock and quite possibly the band's best record ever.

Opening tonight's performance is The War Is Over from said comeback, and what follows is a very enjoyable set consisting of nothing but true gems from the Treat catalogue. This band has always had a knack for writing massively catchy numbers which are very infectious and uplifting, and tonight their recipe is a hit indeed. Strike Without A Warning is a nice surprise inclusion, and despite being limited to an hour onstage, we are served many fan favourites, including a nice medley.

The show is also supported by a great sound, complete with a loud volume, adding some heaviness and punch. The rhythm section of drummer Jamie Borger and bassist Nalle Påhlsson put in a brilliant, steady groove, while guitarist Anders Wikström and keyboardist Patrick Appelgren deliver sublime melodies.

Singer Robert Ernlund, meanwhile, proves that his voice is still in fine shape, with his bandmates contributing some excellent backing vocals as well. Ernlund is also an engaging frontman, roaming the stage with a wide grin and continuously interacting with the audience, offering the microphone to lucky individuals at times. The stage show and connection with the audience is exemplary, with a passionate effort and a joyful demeanour from the gentlemen onstage.

The band is also clearly excited about the great response from the crowd, as there is a terrific atmosphere throughout the set. There is much singing to the tunes, and it's nice to see a mix of older and younger fans, cheering old as well as new songs. The highlights of the set are two more laid-back numbers: We Own The Night and Get You On The Run both create a wonderful, almost euphoric atmosphere among the crowd.

After encores in the shape of Skies Of Mongolia and World Of Promises, Treat deservedly receive loud applause and cheers, and many happy faces can be seen afterwards, setting the tone for the rest of the festival. So far, Treat have just a couple of gigs booked for 2011, but hopefully more will be added, as the band's fans would surely like to see more of the Swedes.

Also, Coup De Grace deserves to be supported further, with the band building on the momentum. Under all circumstances, there can be no doubt that Treat has made a remarkable comeback on the scene.

8 chalices of 10


The War Is Over
Strike Without A Warning
Ready For The Taking
Paper Tiger
Medley: Changes/Rev It Up/Party All Over/Too Wild
We Own The Night
Sole Survivor
Get You On The Run
Skies Of Mongolia
World Of Promises

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