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Reviewed by Mattias
Tourname: Weapons Of Choice
Headliner: Treat
City: Eskilstuna, Sweden
Venue: Headbangers Eve at Rawbar
Date: 13 Oct 2006
Set length: 50 minutes



It's Friday the 13th of all days when I finally get to see Treat live. For some reason I never saw them back in the 80's even though they played in town several times. It's great that Headbangers Eve is back with their metal arrangements here in town. They have been greatly missed and I really hope they're back for good now.

Around midnight Treat entered the very small stage in front of a quite small (around 200 people) but very enthusiastic audience. They played a short (way too short if you ask me) set but they did it very well. The band gave 100% from start to finish and they had the audience with them all the way. The sound was perfect and the band really looked like they had fun on the teeny weeny stage. They could hardly move without colliding with each other and the drums were invisible for the audience since they were placed lower than the rest of the stage. Also the stage is a little too low all together so it's hard to see the artists on it.

The opener Changes and the second song Ready For The Taking are not among my favourites by the band but they worked ok. Next up was the new tune I Burn for you which is pretty good. Now the show really caught fire for me when they played six really great songs in a row from Love Stroke to World Of Promises. The best moment for me was when they played my favourite Treat song, Conspiracy. I was a bit surprised when they announced World Of Promises as their last bit since I had hoped they would play a little longer. They never left the stage before the encore since they had to walk through the audience to get there. Rev It Up is not one of the better Treat songs in my opinion so it's a pity that they ended a very good show with that song.

Overall it was a very good show that would have been even greater if the set had been a little longer.

7,5 chalices of 10


Ready For The Taking
I Burn For You
Love Stroke
Ride Me High
Sole Survivor
Get You On The Run
World Of Promises
Rev It Up

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