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Reviewed by Tommy
City: Groningen, The Netherlands
Venue: De Oosterpoort
Date: 01 April 2005
Therapy? setlength: 80 minutes


Founded back in 1989, the band Therapy? from Northern Ireland is by now a long running act and have during their career released 8 full length albums, one compilation and a couple of mini cd's. Having reshaped between a trio and a four piece, the band of today is again a trio and consists of founding member Andy Cairns (vocals, guitar), Michael McKeegan (bass guitar) and Neil Cooper (drums), who joined in 2002. I discovered, and started to like, the band around the release of their critical and commercial success album Troublegum (1994). I followed them and their releases for some time after that, but I lost the contact with them a while later, and have since then not kept up with their development and career. They have to my knowledge hardly been visible, mentioned or played in media the past 6-8 years. Either that, or I have just not been around the right media for it. Since I before the show had no idea about the current status and quality of the band, I went to this concert with absolutely no expectations. Not more than that it could be a decent night out with some nice rock'n'roll. It should show to be one heck of a night, as it happened.....



The band warming up this night, dutch hardcore guys Dreadlock Pussy, did not on the paper appeal that much to me, so I decided to spend a few more minutes at home with a couple of extra beers instead. I may have missed out on something good, but since they apperantly are strongly influenced by Deftones and Slipknot, I was willing to take the risk. I showed up exactly as Dreadlock Pussy had stepped off the stage and the stage crew was rearranging the equipment for the main band to take over. The venue for the evening had the epithet 'the small room'. However, it looked and felt pretty big to me and I estimate it to having a capacity of around 700-800 people. This night most of those were present, I believe, since it was pretty packed.

The gig started and my interest was immediatly increasing to a much higher level than initially, since it's good, nice Therapy? as I remember them from back in the days. Plain and good rock'n'roll, with a hint of punk attitude. They delivered songs from all released albums, but the main focus was on the last album Never Apologise Never Explain (2004), and of course their most succesful album Troublegum. The tempo and the flow was very good throughout the whole show and it is impossible to stand still while getting this positive energy served in your face in this kind of nice package. It was uptempo, it was intense, it was sweaty and the guys put on a good show and they were obviously enjoying themselves. Nothing spectaclar, though, just good, straight and well played rock.

The audience was apperantly of the same opinion as me, as it was wild on the floor. There was the rock concert's equivalent of thrash concert's moshpits going on at several times, there was constant stagediving occuring the last 30 minutes, and there were people jumping up on stage and dancing during the last numbers. They were all welcome, and the band played along with them, and there was indeed a big party going on. And the last part with pearls such as Screamager, Die Laughing, Diane, Nowhere and Knives was of course brilliant and a perfect ending of a great show. It turned out to be a success after all, and I am very happy I went to see this. I could recommend anyone with an interest in the band or the genre to check them out if they play at a venue near you. You are in for a very nice night out.


Meat Abstract
Gimme Back My Brain
This Ship Is Sinking
If It Kills Me
Church Of Noise
He's Not That Kind Of Girl
(I) Perish
Rock You Monkeys
Polar Bear
Potato Junkie
Neck Freak
Die Laughing

8,5 Chalices of 10

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