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Reviewed by Tobbe
With: Fatal Smile, The Playboys, The Troopers
City: Stockholm, Sweden - Turku, Finland
Venue: Silja Galaxy, Rock Classics' Cruise
Date: 28-29 April 2012
Skid Row set length: 74 minutes

Skid Row

In 2010, Skid Row played the Rock Classics' Cruise for the first time. Now, two years later they make their return to the Baltic Sea by massive popular demand. This cruise is just one of many, as Sweden Rock, Close-Up Magazine, Bandit Radio, etc arrange two annual cruises as well. Tonight they enter the stage well past midnight and opens up with Big Guns and Piece Of Me from their debut album, released in the late eighties. A killer start and it's obvious right from the very first chords that this will be a night to remember.

Guitarist Scotti Hill is one hell of a showman, with his facial expressions and his willingness to give the crowd what they came for. Bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarist Snake Sabo are as usual laid back, while lead singer Johnny Solinger is charismatic and the perfect fit for Skid Row. Since the departure of Sebastian Bach in the late nineties there have been constant talks of a reunion, even if the band has stated more than once that it will never happen. On the other hand, Solinger is nowadays a better singer than Bach, or at least equally good, so I see no reason to reunite. Nostalgia however has a massive influence on people's mind.

Four straight songs from Slave To The Grind are played before halftime and those songs take this gig to an even higher level, with fast and angry Riot Act, heavy Mudkicker, the ballad In A Darkened Room and last, the metal monster Monkey Business. We get a total of fourteen songs tonight and the setlist is of course based on their two first releases. Only three songs come from other albums; two from Thickskin and one from the mini album B-side Ourselves. It is kind of surprising that no songs at all are played from Subhuman Race or from Revolutions Per Minute, even if those two albums don't reach the high quality of the others.

Quicksand Jesus is played with perfection and I'm so thrilled to hear that song live again. Slave To The Grind is heavier and meaner than ever, so when I'm writing this the day after the cruise my neck is still sore. Since the organizer is a radio station and therefore reaches out to the general public, more than to the heavy metal fan, songs like I Remember You and 18 And Life are highly appreciated by the crowd.

The only negative thing I have to say about this gig is that they end it with Youth Gone Wild yet again. A killer song, but it gets kind of boring when you're certain of that this will be the last song of the show every time you see them. Skid Row of 2012 is a first class live act and by the end of the year there are plans of a new studio album release as well.

Performance: 9 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 6 chalices of 10
: Quicksand Jesus
: ---


Big Guns
Piece Of Me
New Generation
Riot Act
In A Darkened Room
Monkey Business
Thick Is The Skin
I Remember You
Psycho Therapy
Quicksand Jesus
Slave To The Grind
18 And Life
Youth Gone Wild

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