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Reviewed by Thomas
City: Alingsås, Sweden
Venue: Fabriken
Date: 22 Oct 2005
Set length: 45 minutes



Sabaton's gig was part of an concert evening held by a organizer called tinnitus2 at Fabriken in the small town of Alingsås that is located a couple of miles outside Gothenburg on the Swedish west-coast. Fabriken is an organization that has as a goal to gather the music, musicians and music consumers in the city of Alingsås in order to nurture the thriving music life that the town holds. Among the bands this evening apart from Sabaton were Artocreatis, Majestic Vanguard and one surprise band, and since I arrived late only to see Sabaton I have no idea what lied behind the surprise.
All this for he cost of lousy 50 swedish crowns (roughly about 5 Euro). Why cant more concerts be this cheap?

After some technical difficulties, the band was ready to strike to attack with the track Stalingrad as opener. On a very small stage they gave a good and intense performance and the temperature rose quickly in this small venue. The guys had barely room to move around but still made the best out of the evening.

Never having seen them earlier, I can now say that what others have said before: Sabaton is a band that deliver. Practically all songs where picked from their Primo Victoria album apart from Hellrider that came from their Fist For Fight album. Their speedy melodic metal works perfectly live and was well received by the crowd. Despite that the sound was not that good, the melodies could be heard although many of the harmonic parts got lost in the noise. The vocals from Joakim Brodén seemed to sound better live than what they do on the album but also those got drowned in the poor sound at times. To see their drummer having his way behind the drum-kit was almost like watching Mikkey Dee of Motörhead, they got the same furious approach to their drums and a head that is constantly being thrown around.

After a short but enjoyable set it was time for the encore with Panzer Battalion, that seems to be their anthem or whatever you like to call it. At least it struck a high nerve with the audience before their traditional ending with Svenne Rubins song Långa Bollar På Bengt. A classic Swedish party song that Sabaton has turned in to metal and it is good to see a band that has humor and can keep a distance to what they are doing. But this was supposedly to have been one of the last performances of that song before they put it on the shelf, and I am glad I got to hear before then.

In other notes it was said that Sabaton is heading into the studio to record a new album as soon as they complete their tour dates. The aim is set for a release early next year and further to have it out within the year of the release of Primo Victoria.

6,5 chalices of 10

SET LIST (might be slightly inaccurate)

Into The Fire
Purple Heart
Primo Victoria
Metal Machine
Panzer Battalion
Långa bollar på Bengt

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