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Reviewed by Thomas
Tourname: From The Cradle To Stage - 20 years of Rage
Headliner: Rage
Special guests: Deadsoul Tribe
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Musikens Hus
Date: 16 Dec 2004
Deadsoul Tribe setlength: 45 minutes
Rage setlength: 85 minutes


Deadsoul Tribe

Deadsoul Tribe might seem to be an odd choice as opener for Rage since they are kind of a progressive band that I'm not so sure has the same group of followers as Rage. But who the hell cares when they are as great as they are?

I was afraid that their, what I would like to call progressive metal, wouldn't really hold up for live performances, but damn was I fooled. Their material came out much harder and definitely rawer live, and when they were letting it go it was simply wonderful. The band had not that much of space to move around on at the small stage where Mike Terrana's drum-kit was taking up half of the space, and Deadsoul Tribe might not be the funniest band to watch on stage as their music demands a serious amount of concentration from the performers, but it was with delight I listened to what came out of their instruments.

Despite the small crowd and the lesser that actually were paying them full attention, they got a decent reception but I think they deserve better than this. Nevertheless they did a damn good job. The voice of Devon Graves didn't sound to be on top this evening but on the other hand the drumming from Adel Moustafa most definitely was, and that was a pleasure to witness. When they were hitting it full on with their music as it got heavier and filled with great rhythms, it was close to perfection, but unfortunatlely the calmer parts didn't really work as good. And for me who have only heard their latest album, the appetite to check out their earlier material was awoken on this evening.

6 chalices of 10

(Might not be entirely accurate, let me know if you spot any faults)

The Messenger
Angels In Vertigo
Some Things You Can't Return
Spiders & Flies
The Love Of Hate
Feed I+II
The Coldest Days Of Winter



It is the twenty year anniversary tour and the band is still going strong. Very strong. Well, at least Peavy that is the only original member left. Although with the arrival of Mike Terrana and Victor Smolski in 1999, Rage has the in my opinion strongest line-up ever in their history and that is definitely something that shows live.

It was a band with big smiling faces that lit up the stage as they went on, and even though the stage was far to small for a band this size and that the crowd wasn't of the biggest kind, the guys seemed to be in a particularly good mood. The starter Don't Fear The Winter got the enthusiastic crowd going instantly and it was fast and intense and very well sounding right from the start, what a great way to start of a show. They might only be three guys on stage but with their skills it sounds like they are many more, as all of the guys hold some serious skills with their instruments. And Victor Smolski can really manage the older tracks being a sole guitarrist and putting his personal touch on them making them sound better than the original versions. And to see Mike Terrana's feet working behind the drumset is amazing, such speed and accuracy while his arms are flying round beating the hell out of the drums.

The concert lost some momentum with the instrumental track Unity that turns out to be much better on album than what it is live, and Straight To Hell that might have been a successful track in Germany, but it doesn't really hold up for live performances. But I wouldn't call any of them bad, it was just that they didn't hold the same high standard as the other songs they were delivering this evening. And the only real down-points were the individual moments for showing off. Especially with what felt like a neverending drum solo from Mike Terrana. He is a brilliant drummer for sure and when he struck a rhythm and sang Fly Me To The Moon, it was a bit more than the average drum solo. And when he, almost as being possessed, really made sure all of the drums was positioned right in a furious tempo I couldn't help but getting amazed, but nevertheless it gets boring to watch drum solos after just a few moments for me. And the same goes for guitar solos. Smolski is a brilliant player but solos often tends to get boring in my opinion.

Encore was Higher Than The Sky, and before the band went back on stage the crowd was singing loudly the chorus. Probably they had planned to play that song anyway but it felt it was the crowd that made them play that song at that point, sing-along on the highest level there. It was a great concert but to me it was wasted time with the solo-parts, and there was a lot of tracks missing: Set This World On Fire or Refuge, and where the hell was Solitary Man? Those tracks delivered this night were good and the small venue and the smiling guys in the band helped to create a really good intimate feeling, but there was just to many tracks missing to make me feel completely satisfied. And with their new DVD fresh in mind, which they also were promoting with a video-screen before they went on stage, it never reach that same high as the one captured. I can't say that I am disappointed in anyway but I did expect a little more.

7 Chalices of 10

(songs might be missing or be in the wrong order)

Don't Fear The Winter
Orgy Of Destruction
War Of Worlds
Great Old Ones
Drum solo
Guitar solo
Straight To Hell
Higher Than The Sky

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