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Reviewed by Tobbe
Special guest: Klogr
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Debaser Strand
Date: April 20th 2014
Klogr set length: 44 minutes
Prong set length: 99 minutes


A meager crowd of 30 people and a few members of staff were present in the venue when the Italian support act Klogr hit the stage shortly past 8 PM at Debaser Strand in Stockholm. I reckon the rather warm and beautiful spring day combined with the Easter holidays probably made people stay at home for other activities. I was personally standing about 15 ft from the stage and there was virtually no people in front of me and I believe that it's a rather hopeless task for a band to perform at its best before such a small audience.

Klogr plays some kind of modern heavy metal light, with certain elements of both melodic and more mellow tendencies and they also have a few parts of alternative moments, at least in terms of live shows. The band had naturally no other choice than basically play for themselves, although the lead vocalist / guitar player was looking for some eye contact and interaction with the small number of people on the concrete floor. A few decent songs were played, but nothing that I immediately could connect to. I might check out this band later, in a different environment, to see what they're all about.

Performance: 4 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8 chalices of 10
: Vultures Feast
: The non-existent audience

Room To Doubt
Draw Closer
Vultures Feast
King Of Unknown
Failing Crowns
Zero Tolerance
Guilty And Proud
Hell Of Income
Guinea Pigs


I could not resist the urge to, in all simplicity, count the number of people in the room again and it landed somewhere around a not too staggering sum of 120 when American veteran hardcore act Prong entered the stage at 9.15 PM. It wasn't totally embarrassing anymore and also mostly no youngsters in sight, if I may put it that way. By all means, it was an over 18 show, yet the lion's share had past their 20's years ago and therefore the crowd felt sort of lame almost all throughout the show. It wasn't until the latter third of the show with Another Worldly Device and Whose Fist Is This Anyway? that some moshing and shoving took place in the small pit.

With most songs having limited room for breathing, the show turned out pretty intense. The threesome let loose songs covering most of Prong's career and their performance indicated a youthful vibe as they bashed their way through the set. Main man, vocalist and guitarist Tommy Victor made his very best to create a strong atmosphere and touring bassplayer Jason Christopher played his part well with activity and devotion.

The lightings in this rather small venue leaves many thoughts of greater impressions. This matter seems to be of no concern to the band though, whose performance probably doesn't differ significantly whether they play in front of small crowds like tonight or at huge festival stages. As I recently wrote in my review of the band's latest edition, Ruining Lives, I'm far from being an expert of Prong's past work, yet I left the venue pretty satisfied with what I had witnessed and I am no stranger to see this outfit live again somewhere along the road.

Performance: 6 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8 chalices of 10
: Ruining Lives, Eternal Heat, Unconditional
: Carved In Stone

For Dear Life
Beg To Differ
Irrelevant Thoughts
Eternal Heat
Lost And Found
Ruining Lives
Third From The Sun
Rude Awakening
Carved Into Stone
Broken Peace
Another Worldly Device
Whose Fist Is This Anyway?
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Power Of The Damager
Revenge…Best Served Cold
Prove You Wrong

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