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~Written by Hawk, July 2006

This was the first time I visited the Peace & Love Festival located in Borlänge in the middle of Sweden, a nice festival with a small town environment and music based in the mainstream area. This year's line up included only a few metal elements though those should be of interest for the readers of Metal Covenant.

Dark Tranquillity

This was the third time I witnessed the Gothenburg based Dark Tranquillity and the show certainly could have started better. Just as the band entered the stage their computer broke down and they had to wait for ten minutes before the problem was solved. The fact that this failure didn't affect the show at all is clearly a proof of how professional the band is. When The Treason Wall finally kicked in Mikael Stanne entered the stage with his usual authority and charisma, what a fantastic front man he is! When I have seen Dark Tranquillity earlier they have had a tendency to after a strong beginning loose their power and focus a bit in the middle of the show. This wasn't however the case this time and that thanks to a great and well balanced setlist. Simply put a great show and the strongest cuts this night was Lost To Apathy, The Wonders At Your Feet and a fantastic version of Punish My Heaven.


The Treason Wall
Lost To Apathy
The New Build
The Wonders At Your Feet
Damage Done
There In
Punish My Heaven
Monochromatic Stains
My Negation
Final Resistance

8 chalices of 10


Finally the moment I have been waiting for so long was there. Ever since I discovered Soilwork via the 2001 offering A Predator's Portrait I have followed them closely and regarded them as the elite of their genre, by far better than their colleagues In Flames for instance. This judgement was solely based on what they had produced in the studio and now the moment of truth had arrived, could they deliver a live concert that lived up to my high expectations? Well, if there were any doubts they got swept away instantly when Speed entered the stage and fired up the audience to its maximum. The opener and title track of their latest album Stabbing The Drama was nothing but fantastic with its crushing riffs and sing-a-long chorus. From there they never stopped breathing down your neck with intensity and a force de luxe. The only thing that could have been better was the sound that wasn't as dynamic as desired. Chainheart Machine for instance got sadly lost in a sonic blur but apart from that the gig was flawless (I would have loved the inclusion of Distortion Sleep in the setlist though). My throat got soar when my personal favourite The Bringer was played and One With The Flies was also clearly one of the songs that worked extremely well this evening. I left the festival's area a happier and better man because I have finally seen Soilwork live and my belief that this is one of the best bands around today is even stronger now. Magnificent!


Stabbing The Drama
Bastard Chain
Rejection Role
One With The Flies
Chainheart Machine
The Bringer
Follow The Hollow
Light The Torch
As We Speak

9 chalices of 10

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