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Reviewed by Tommy
Metal Bash Roadkill Tour - Torment, Dark Age, Paragon
City: Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Venue: De Gloppe
Date: 09 Sept. 2005
Paragon setlength: 50 minutes
Tormentor setlength: 50 minutes
Dark Age setlength: 50 minutes


Remedy Records have under the name Metal Bash Roadkill Tour put together a package consisting of Paragon, Torment and Dark Age, all bands under their roof and they are hitting the roads around europe at the moment. The setup is a bit unusual in the sense that they alter the play order from night to night, so after having opened one night, a band can close another night and play as second band a third night. The bands are selling pretty much the same amount of records and are equally popular, so according to the bands themselves that is only a fair setup.

The venue for the evening was extremely small and could perhaps take 100 people at the most, but this night only 30 people showed up. Pretty surprising, because at least the name Paragon should attract more people, if you ask me.



This night Paragon opened, and I was afraid of that since I could not make it in time to the start, so I unfortunatly missed the first two songs. Nevertheless, what I got to see and hear after that was highly enjoyable. Straight forward and classic heavy metal in your face in the same school as Iron Savior, Grave Digger and Wizard, to name a few. The smallness of the crowd did not bother Paragon as they gave everything and put on a good and intense show. The tracklist was good and the sound was without remarks.

Interview with Jan and Martin after the gig »


The Legacy
Palace Of Sin
Death Squad
Beyond The Veil
Masters Of The Seas

8 chalices of 10



Second band out this night was Torment and a dose of classic retro thrash was on the menu. I had never heard the band before and I can not say that I now have an urge for getting to hear more material from them. A decent gig, but the songs are of the quickly forgettable kind. And as not much happened on stage, the grade can not be higher than this. Not my cup of tea, and it felt like a waste of Paragon's and Dark Age's playtime.

(Sorry, no setlist)

4 chalices of 10


Dark Age

Dark Age, last band out this night, was another new acquaintance for me, but a very nice one as it turned out. They play a more darker type of metal than the two first bands in this tour. Well played, nice vocals and good melodies while still dark and heavy. They put on a good show and rounded off a nice night in a perfect way. I will certainly check up more of their material in the future.

(Sorry, no setlist)

7,5 chalices of 10

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