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Reviewed by Tommy
Bands: Sadus, Gorefest, Darkane, Gory Blister, Textures, Inhume + 14 more
City: Groningen, The Netherlands
Venue: De Oosterpoort
Date: 16 April 2006


The festival

Noordschok is a smaller indoor festival in the northern part of Holland, taking place in a venue with around 6 halls. This year it is held for the fourth time and always on Easter Day. Earlier years bands such as Vader, God Dethroned, Entombed, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Crowbar have played at the festival along with numerous local and regional bands of various size. This year was a little bit weaker than previous years to me with, on beforehand, only Gorefest and Darkane, and to a certain extent Sadus, that interested me. The thought of many, many hours of amateur bands - among them also some hardcore shit and similar - does not appeal to me any longer so I deliberatly stayed away from those and kept my head fresh for the main acts. In the meanwhile I wandered the mini metal market and browsed for cd's and tshirts.

Below is a selection of a few photos I nevertheless took at occasions. But just like expected, I did not hear anything I cared much for, even though Gory Blister caught my attention with their thrash influenced death metal. They had a skilled guitarist and they flashed with some briliant riffs but at the end of the day it was adequate but pretty average.

(Assorted pictures - Gory Blister/Textures/Expulsion/Taste Of Insanity)

(Sorry, no setlist)

-- chalices of 10



According to swedish band Darkane's own words, they play "dynamic, technically oriented heavy thrash metal with more rage and fury than any death metal band". I am not so well aquainted with them but I think I can and will agree with those words. I have heard them only fragmentally a few times prior to this concert but Iliked what I have heard. Melodic thrash with the occasional death elements and nice guitar work and a nice flow, yet poundlingly aggressive in a good way. I can not say that tha they in any way stick out from many other acts in the same genre but they work better with the slower and calmer parts which they keep somewhat more aggresive instead of soften it out totally like many others. They were tight and the good flow they have on albums was maintained live which created a pretty intense and enjoyable show.

(Sorry, no setlist)

7 chalices of 10



It was the second time I saw the dutch death metal band Gorefest and my love/hate reelationship with them continues. When there are galopping and fast riffs I think it is really good, but during their too frequent slow parts it is boring as hell. They put on a good show and they radiated a seldom seen energy. The band's biggest asset is without doubt, and as usual, the vocals of bassist Jan-Chris de Koeijer. In my opinion one of the worlds best growlers with a very thick, deep and intense voice but yet articulate. I know I am one of few in my circle of friends with this opinon so I guess you either love or hate him. I looked forward the whole gig for the song Reality (When You Die) where he at the end sings "Reality is when you die..... die..... die..... die" and at each "die", I am in awe. The song itself is not more special than any other but I have always loved that ending bit and when performed live it gives me a chill down the spine. Amazing that such a tiny guy can produce such vocals.

When they pulled off other classics such as Mental Misery, The Glorious Dead, Get-A-Life and False to name a few, the crowd were all fired up and it reflected back on the band who got an extra boost. Also the newer songs, which were picked evenly from the discography, flet more vital and powerful than ever and there was a really good momentum throughout the show. I had a very good time despite the slower sections which only felt like they were there to transport one part of the song to another, and this was way better than their somewhat stiff gig at Dynamo Open Air in May 2005. I would definitely go and see them again.

(Sorry, no setlist)

8 chalices of 10


American band Sadus are considered classics in the thrash genre but I have never really been such a fan of them. Adequate thrash with some real gold nuggets in their repertoire but overall nothing out of the ordinary and a lot of that is due to the fact that I have never liked the production on the albums. The last album Out For Blood, their first in 9 years, I would even label boring to not say bad with slow and tiresome songs. Hence, I did not have much expectations on this concert other then to see the legends and perhaps hear a few good riffs being played.

At the end of the show I was left comletely breathless, since this was one of the best shows I have ever witnessed. Fast paced, tight and well played classic thrash. Even though they are only a three-piece, the wall of sound was magnificent and they totally ran me over. Very tight and the tempo and intensity was at top the whole time. One killer song after the other were being lined up and there was not a single dull moment during the whole show. Very close to perfection!

(Sorry, no setlist)

9,5 chalices of 10


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