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Reviewed by Thomas
Tourname: European Tour 2005
Headliner: Nevermore
Special guest: Mercenary, Dew-Scented
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Chalmers
Date: 08 Oct 2005
Mercenary set-length: 35 minutes
Dew-Scented set-length: 45 minutes
Nevermore set-length: 90 minutes

All pictures are © Michael Finnermark.
Please contact him and ask for permission before using any of the pictures.


Photos are taken at the gig at Klubben, Stockholm the 12th of October.



It was an impressive performance by the Danish guys who were dynamic during all through the time they had on their hands. The band seemed focused to deliver despite the small crowd and I must say that they did a good and convincing job doing it. The shared vocals between the growls from bassist Kral and the clean vocals from Mikkel Sandager work greatly live and Mercenary gets a less polished sound live than on album. Mercenary that is not that far musically from Nevermore made a god job of spicing the aggression up as well as keeping the emotion and melodies intact. An inspiring beginning of the evening and the dedication from Mikkel with the vocals made it a bit sad that it ended so fast.

6,5 chalices of 10


World Hate Center
Seize The Night
11 Dreams



Following Mercenary were the German guys in Dew-Scented that has music that is filled to the brink with speed and aggression. This was their first gig ever on Swedish soil and they definitely didn't make any fools of themselves. The bands' performance was tight and influences from Slayer and Kreator was to be found in their music but the material from Dew-Scented wasn't good enough to last the full time for their performance. Good but no more, and it also got a bit tiring to hear the monotonous screaming from their vocalist in the end.

4 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)



Nevermore came out with a high intense right from the start with the track Born from their latest album This Godless Endeavor. The sound could have been better but the band seemed to be in a good mood and followed it up by delivering another new song in Acid Words. Last time Nevermore was in Sweden I was blown away by their performance but this was not as mighty as I expected and I was surprised that there weren't more people in the crowd.

The concert was intense from the start and the guys kept the fire burning all through the show, and it is hard to not get impressed by their tightness with which they deliver their songs. Naturally, it gets more aggressive and rawer live but they never loose the emotional side that is such an important ingredient to their unique sound, aggression and progressive metal in harmony for sure. The blend between pure thrash parts and calmer emotional parts is greatly pulled off by the band and the voice from Warrel Dane came out really great. Apart from having a top-notch voice, he has a great deal of charisma on stage, a perfect frontman even if there wasn't much talking between the songs.

Nevermore is according to me one of the very few bands who actually can write great ballads, The Heart Collector is one delivered in a grand manor and usually it gets boring to hear ballads live but when Nevermore deliver them you only want more. And there is something that I missed, Tomorrow Turns Into Yesterday that they did so greatly last time playing here, was left out. The focus was not so strangely on their new release and the new songs work just as great as the older ones live even if I missed a couple of older ones. However, with Nevermore it doesn't really matter what you get, it sounds great anyhow.

7,5 chalices of 10

Setlist: (might be slightly incorrect)

Acid Words
The River Dragon Has Come
Beyond Within
Dreaming Neon Black
The Seven Tongues Of God
Sentient 6
The Sound Of Silence
The Heart Collector
The Final Product
This Godless Endeavor
Enemies Of Reality

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