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Reviewed by Tobbe
Special guests: Bullet + Electric Boys
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Cirkus
Date: 02 March 2011
Electric Boys set length: 36 minutes
Bullet set length: 32 minutes
Mustasch set length: 88 minutes

Electric Boys

Ralf Gyllenhammar of Mustasch enters the stage on this Wednesday night and introduces the support acts and first up is bluesinspired funky hardrock quartet Electric Boys. The band, who reunited with their original lineup in 2009, is now releasing their first album together in nineteen years on April 6th. With an audience, mostly there for the headliner Mustasch, this proves to be a challenge for the boys. To start this gig with a song from their forthcoming release, And Them Boys Done Swang, was probably not the brightest move if you want a crowd to get going.

This night they have chosen to play mainly songs from the new album and their debut. Some of the songs go down well with the crowd, like the new one, Angel In An Armoured Suit and the last song All Lips N' Hips. The performance is good, even though there are some problems with the sound. Unfortunately the main part on the floor and in the stands have their hands in their pockets and are only clapping and cheering when told to.

5 chalices of 10


Knee Deep In You
Father Popcorn's Magic Oysters
Angel In An Armoured Suit
Rags To Riches
Captain Of My Soul
All Lips N' Hips


Up next is Bullet. A band that charms their crowds with their eighties looks and outfits. The quintet is now promoting their brand new release, Highway Pirates. The band's third album, which often is critical for band's claim to fame. Bullet is gaining more and more popularity for each record and with Highway Pirates, I'm sure there will be no exception in this matter.

The band is tearing the place up right from the start and during the entire set they are holding the crowd in a firm grip. The response is overwhelming with constant hands and fists in the air. I never cared for this band before, but after seeing them tonight, they've got a new fan in me. I will definitely check their albums out.

7 chalices of 10


Highway Pirates
Back On The Road
Stay Wild
Down And Out
Dusk Til Dawn
Bite The Bullet


Mustasch is starting their one month long Nordic tour, to celebrate their ten years anniversary, in Stockholm. The venue for tonight, Cirkus, is an old theater, which is perfect for concerts. With a capacity of around 2000, this show is nearly sold out. A brand new album is out, containing one new song plus re-recorded, remastered and remixed versions of older songs.

The new song, Angel's Share, is the set's opener for tonight. This song will probably be a future classic, as the crowd's response is fantastic. They are continuing with gems, such as Double Nature and one of my absolute favorites, I Hunt Alone. This opening sets the pace for the show and Ralf is taking command right from the start. With a frontman like him, nothing seems impossible, as he's got total control during the full one and a half hours.

The set is, of course, based on the new best of-album, including most of their singles and hits. During the set it's quite obvious that this band is ruled by Ralf. Most of the time the focus is on him, even though the newer guys, Danne and David now seems to have found solid ground up on stage. Stam is just Stam. He do what he always have done. A magnificent bassplayer and a perfect sidekick for Ralf. During Accident Black Spot, Ralf is taking a three minute walk in the venue and eventually finds his wife up in the stands. I have seen him out in the crowds on several occasions and people always seems to appreciate it. Another rare and highly appreciated move is that during the sing-a-long in Down In Black, a boy and girl is brought up from the front row.

They play their songs with brilliance and the crowd seems to enjoy every minute of the set. Between the songs, Ralf always has something new to say and it's quite amusing just thinking of what he will say next. The last song for tonight is Black City. A good song, but it does not reach its full potential as the closing song.

7,5 chalices of 10


Angel's Share
Double Nature
I Hunt Alone
Monday Warrior
Falling Down
Deep In The Woods
Bring Me Everyone
Tritonus (Prelude)
Heresy Blasphemy
Accident Black Spot
Down In Black
Black City

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