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Reviewed by David
Special guest: Supercharger
City: Helsingborg, Sweden
Venue: The Tivoli
Date: 24 January 2009
Supercharger set length: 30 minutes
Mustasch set length: 75 minutes


I had never heard of these Danes before, but this concert year started with a nice surprise - sweaty rock 'n' roll straight from the grind. Supercharger had the energy and the attitude of pure kick ass rock, right the way I want it. Add to that a few 'not that bad at all'-songs and this was the perfect starter. The half an hour went fast - almost too fast. It is not that often one wants the unknown support act to last longer, but this was the case this time.

It does so much for a live act when the members have fun and play from the heart and with a power greater than the mere sound of the instruments. Do I need to tell you that Supercharger did just that … But, why speak English with a Swedish crowd, 20 minutes by boat from Denmark? (Volbeat did the same last summer.) Danish kind of rocks. Who cares if you understand, really.

8 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)


It was the seventh time I saw Mustasch play, so no real room for surprises on this one. Though they had a new guitarist this time in David Johannesson (Sparzanza), Mustasch still is the show of Ralf Gyllenhammar. Johannesson did not manage to be a more visual stage personality than his predecessor Hannes Hansson.

To start with the heavy, slow 6:36 is a brave choice. I would immediately oppose the idea if I saw it on paper. But I must admit that it worked better in practice with this doomy start. Still it is with the old goodies I Hunt Alone and Down In Black the whole evening kicks off for real. My Disorder was a most welcome addition since last time I saw the band (I love the whole Parasite! EP). Also the return of Homophobic Alcoholic brought my liking.

If I could have chosen the set, I would definitely have traded Accident Black Spot for my favourite The Dagger. But at the same time they did the heaviest and best performance of the first mentioned I have seen so far. I would also prefer a more sparkling ending than The End. But those are details.

Mustasch is one of the best and heaviest live act on the Swedish rock scene today, and so far they have never failed to deliver in my presence. Ralf was on a great mood this evening (has he ever been otherwise on stage?). A few examples of his Gothenburg humour would probably sound pointless taken out of the context and translated to English, but as usually it enhanced the whole experience there and then.

The venue must have been crowded to the max, and the party level sure was near the same limit. Ralf let the people in the front 'take a sip' from his newly opened bottle of Jack Daniels. He got the bottle back in a minute or so - empty. Also this concert ended too early. That is always a good sign. I'll be back for the eight time, anytime soon. Hopefully with The Dagger.

8 chalices of 10


I Hunt Alone
Down In Black
My Disorder
Bring Me Everyone
Falling Down
Homophobic Alcoholic
Accident Black Spot
Monday Warrior
Double Nature
Black City
The End

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