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Reviewed by Michael
City: Paris, France
Venue: La Locomotive
Date: 09 August 2005
Set length: 80 minutes



It is time I introduced a group called Mucc (pronunciation: Muuku).This isn't any ordinary group, and they don't play any ordinary metal. What do you call a mix of hard rock, metal, pop, jazz, weirdness and fantastic japanese vocals? You call that mix Mucc.

~ Miya
This band is from the land of the setting sun, Japan. A country filled with great music just waiting to be noticed. Formed in 1997, the band started early to get a big fanbase in the underground japanese "Visual kei"-scene (Visual kei is a loose term for japanese bands who "dress up" in some sort, it doesn't tell what genre the band plays). Mucc have released 5 albums, 2 maxi-albums and a number of singles. 2002's album "Homura Uta" has even been released in France. Mucc is a four piece group formed by Miya, guitarist and bandleader, Tatsurou (vocals), Yuuke (bass) and Satochi who plays the drums.

~ Tatsurou
Now to the concert: This year has been the year of the Japanese bands' invasion of Europe, and of course Mucc is not late to join the invasion. Their mini-tour "Mucc in Europe" has taken them to Munich, Wacken Open Air festival and Paris. It was a big anticipation for me to see one of my favorite japanese bands. The Locomitive club offered a capacity for 900 persons and to my knowledge there was at least 800 tickets sold.I have only one word to say since most of the concert was a blur of cheer happiness: intense. The band performed exactly as you would expect, professionaly and with feeling.

~ Yuuke
The crowd went wild from start to finish, and the band noticed this. Great tracks like "Daikirai" ("the big hate") created moshpits and crazy fans jumping about. You could see that the band enjoyed themselves and that they were impressed by the audience. After the gig they gave everybody in the crowd the chance to get something signed, that's caring for your fans!

~ Satuchi
"What is so special with japanese music?", you might ask. You can't even understand what they sing about, let me tell you this, I'm sure this has been said many times, but - great music is universal.



8 chalices of 10

(Sorry, no setlist)

Here are two short samples from the latest album "Kuchiki no Tou". A new album is soon to be released (in Japan).

Daremo inai Ie (1:24)
Dakukuu (0:52)

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