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Reviewed by Thomas
Tourname: 30th Anniversary Tour
Special guests: Meldrum, Hardcore Superstar
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Lisebergshallen
Date: 07 Oct 2005
Meldrum set-length: 30 minutes
Hardcore Superstar set-length: 45 minutes
Motörhead set-length: 90 minutes



Meldrum was first out among the guest bands and did an OK effort. It took some time before the singing from Moa Holmsten sounded as good as it usually is but she is a good front of the band who did what she could to get the crowd warmed up. Most of the songs they played seemed to be new ones that isn't on their debut album Loaded Mental Cannon (2001), which is their only album so far as well. With the newer material they come out a as a heavier band and Black Label Society isn't that too far away as a comparison. Although, this night they seemed to be a bit uninspired and I know that they can do much better than this.

(sorry, no setlist)

4 chalices of 10


Hardcore Superstars

Hardcore Superstar was a late replacement for Corrosion Of Conformity that had to cancel due to hurricane Katrina that flooded New Orleans and the home of one of the guys in the band. This was not my cup of tea but I have to give them credits for being a hard working band that are confident and they act as a tight band on stage that know their way around. But their music means little to me and the mainstream sounding sleaze feels to be more for the teenagers than for me.

(sorry, no setlist)

2 chalices of 10



Motörhead celebrates thirty year as a band. That is impressive and deserves the utmost respect. With that many years in the back there are plenty of songs to choose from and the evening was filled with a bunch of new songs as well as some obligatory classics. But Motörhead is a band that definitely has been better than what they were this evening, the sound wasn't the best and Lemmy's voice sounded terrible at first and it took some time before this concert was kicked in to gear.

Motörhead's latest album Inferno was of course represented with some songs but they also served Killed By Death, Metropolis, Going To Brazil, Ramones, and there's some classic songs worth the name. The concert hade been moved to a smaller venue and despite that, it was not sold out but nevertheless they got a good reception from the crowd and they said that Gothenburg has become the second home for Motörhead, well, first home for Mikkey Dee. And Mikkey Dee seemed to enjoy to be playing at home, and it always a pleasure to see him have his ways behind the drums, you can talk about total dedication to the task from that man.

The encore was the best part of the concert, with the bluesy track Whorehouse Blues with Mikkey Dee together with the others at front stage playing acoustic guitar along with Phil Campbell while Lemmy picked up the harmonica. And what would the evening be without Ace Of Spades? The Motörhead anthem was delivered and got not unsuspectingly the biggest response from the crowd. The concert was rounded off with Overkill and if they had kept up this great manor all along, this concert would have been great, but now it turned out only being 'good'.

You never get disappointed with Motörhead I use to say, but this time I actually was. It was good and Motörhead still deliver but I expected more intensity from the band. Of all of the times I have seen Motörhead, this concert does not make it into my top ten list of Motörhead concerts.

(sorry, no setlist)

5 chalices of 10

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