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Reviewed by David
Special guests: Sepultura, Meldrum
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Arenan
Date: 19 Dec 2004
Motörhead setlength: 90 minutes
Sepultura setlength: 45 minutes
Meldrum setlength: 25 minutes



Meldrum most of all lack any really great songs. I guess that 99% of the (mostly male) audience were interested mainly in singer Moa Holmstens silicon parts… I got the feeling that she is trying almost too hard to bring her female charisma out on stage. Mrs. Meldrum herself, on the other hand, barely looks up from behind her guitar and big hair and seems quite uninterested of what is going on. But Lemmy seems to like these girls (and drummer boy) for some reason I can't figure out…

2 chalices of 10



Sepultura is energy and rhythm. Igor Cavalera pounds on the biggest kettles I have ever seen and thus makes the very foundation to the mighty sound of the Brazilians. "New" singer Derrick Green feels very confident in his role, although he must suffer from the Max-complex, as so many non-original singers before. For my part I think he has more power in his voice than his predecessor. But for the songs, it is the old material that gets the most response from the crowd. Attitude and Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells warms nicely, but when Green roars: "Sweden, this is your fucking TERRITORY", the audience goes crazy.

The next absolute top is the last number, Roots Bloody Roots, with a slightly confused Phil Campbell as guest. Unfortunately, the time Sepultura got is too short! I wanted more old classics. However, they are probably one of the musically tightest bands you can find these days. The sound is massive!

8 chalices of 10



Motörhead is one of the bands that I have had the opportunity to see live most frequently - and they always deliver! From the first hammering base chords on Doctor Rock to the last screaming guitar on Overkill, it is dirty old rock 'n' roll to 110 percent. As usual, Mikkey Dee pounds his drums with impressive frenzy and with his blond hair flying around above him. As usual, Phil Campbell's guitar solos sounds terrible and lacks most of the feeling that boring guitar heroes possess. As usual, you have to guess what Lemmy is trying to hiss out, when he sings as well as when he talks. As usual, the volume is rib-breaking. In other words, it was a fantastic evening of raw power punkrock metal as usual!

It is a plus that they have changed the setlist somewhat compared to the last few times I've seen them. Unfortunately my personal favourites Orgasmatron and Born To Raise Hell is a couple of those that have been taken out. Bomber is missing as well, but I guess that will come along with the Bomber-rig at Sweden Rock Festival this summer. On the other hand we get the best tracks from the latest album, Inferno: Killers and In The Name Of Tragedy - and as a bonus, Whorehouse Blues, with Phil and Mikkey on acoustic guitars.

As said above, Lemmy slurs quite a bit (as usual), but I manage to interpret that he (as usual) encourages the audience to steal the latest album. He also humbly dedicates Over The Top to himself. The highlight of the show comes with the classic Killed By Death, when Swedish eurodisco-star Martin "E-type" Eriksson enters the stage to contribute with some headbanging and singing. Other fun moments are when the guys in Sepultura do some very apt impersonations of the Motörhead members. The one (was it Igor perhaps?) with a blond wig and dummybelly was hilarious. But mostly, things are as they use to be at a Motörhead-show. And when I leave I can't find a single face that looks disappointed.

8 Chalices of 10


Doctor Rock
Stay Clean
Shoot You In The Back
Love Me Like A Reptile
Over The Top
Dancing On Your Grave
No Class
I Got Mine
In The Name Of Tragedy
Just 'Cos You Got The Power
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Iron Fist
Whorehouse Blues
Ace Of Spades

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