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Reviewed by Martin
Bands: Aborted, Rotten Sound, Levitation
City: Copenhagen, Denmark
Venue: The Rock
Date: 16 April 2010
Levitation set length: 20 minutes
Aborted set length: approximately 40 minutes
Rotten Sound set length: see review

I know several people who aren't that crazy about volcanoes - the eruption on Iceland forced both Those Who Lie Beneath and The Red Chord, bands that would have been on the tour, to stay in the States. Danish Levitation, Dutch Aborted, and Finnish grindblasters Rotten Sound make the best of the evening.


Levitation is an unsigned band hailing from Roskilde - and to open for such renowned bands such as Aborted and Rotten Sound is something the Danes are quite satisfied to do. Having released three demos - "What's Buried Underneath", "End Of All Sanity" and this year's "The Awakening" Levitation has honed their Hatesphere-influenced metal to, not increadible levels, but good enough to open the evening's festivities. There is nothing wrong with the enthusiasm of the band - singer André Kristensen is jumping around like a crazed energizer bunny - while the rest of the band pretty calm in comparison. What's a bit troublesome for the band though, is the fact that their music is sounding a bit too much like everything else, and although these guys sure enough have the energy they need to strive towards a greater musical independece that will separate the band from much of the metal of this day and age.

4 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)


Dutch deathgrinders Aborted raises the level quite massively when they take to the stage. While I was looking forward to seeing Dirk Verbeuren slay behind the drumkit, I'm a bit disappointed to see a for me totally unknown drummer behind the quite massive kit. That's until the skinsman unleashes a fury upon the kit that, well let's just say that I was all smiles after the first beats of the first song until the end of the concert. Led by Sven "Svencho" de Caluwé, Aborted hasn't lowered their standards since I first caught the band opening up for Behemoth three years ago at the same venue. Their fiercely brutal death metal is hitting all kind of targets for the audience - the venue suddenly seems to be bursting at the seams with adrenaline from the sadly not too big audience.

7 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Rotten Sound

If you are unfamiliar with the communications in the Copenhagen/Malmö area let me tell you that someone have found a way to really annoy at least me - since there are no trains going for Malmö between the train leaving shortly after midnight and three a clock in the morning, I was forced to run for the train that leaves 00.03 and this of course made me miss most of Rotten Sound's concert. Therefore I feel that I can't give you a grade based on the three songs I did catch, but the sheer power and aggression that this band has convinced me that the band I appreciate on such fine records as "Exit" and "Cycles" is a great live band well worth checking out if you like grindcore.

-- chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

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