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Reviewed by Tommy
Special guest: April Divine
City: Sundsvall, Sweden
Venue: Våningen
Date: 09 May 2009
April Divine set length: 40 minutes
Lion's Share set length: 70 minutes

Lion's Share

After the disgusting support act April Divine, it was time for Lion's Share to take over the very small stage at Våningen in Sundsvall. Being a band that originates from Sundsvall, there was a familiar feeling in the venue, and among others we could also see guitarist Lars Chriss' mother who was clapping and enjoying frenetically, and rightfully so, because this was very good.

Lion's Share performed a very solid set, even though there was not much room for a show to talk about due to a very limited stage area, and the setlist was of course concentrated around their latest offering Dark Hours which is a great album.

Even though the music stands very well on its own, it would not be the same without Patrik Johanson, The man is a monster on recordings, and he is just as impressive live on stage. He, as well as the rest of the guys, gave everything they possibly could to the few-headed audience and despite the lack of a show to talk about, it was an enjoyable evening due to the joy of playing they displayed.

The set was short but delicious, starting with Judas Must Die and Demon In Your Mind from the most recent album and was followed by The Edge Of The Razor from their previous album. The tempo was high and the sound was surprisingly good. The set continued in a good pace with The Bottomless Pit accompanied by Heavy Cross To Bear, in which Johansson excels. I am honest when I say I'd rather hear him sing this song before listening to any of Heaven & Hell's or Dio's songs any day of the week. Absolutely amazing.

The rest of the set continued with mixed songs from the latest album and some old songs, among others The Presidio 27 and Soultaker if I remember it correctly, and the band was later called in for an encore consisting of the Black Sabbath classic Mob Rules. I advise you all to try to catch them if they come to a town near you in the future. You are in for a good metal treat.

7 chalices of 10


(sorry, no setlist)

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