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Reviewed by Olof
Special guest: No Hawaii
City: Göteborg, Sweden
Venue: Sticky Fingers
Date: 7 January 2011
No Hawaii set length: 30 minutes
Khoma set length: 60 minutes

No Hawaii

Gothenburg-band No Hawaii are hard to define. When I first heard the band about five years ago it was by most who heard them defined somewhat as psychedelic hardcore with death metal influences, and I think that definition still goes. The music travels in a rollercoaster from the deepest tranquil to insane screams in strange time signatures, all within the boundaries of the band's sound. For those not familiar with the music, the long songs (not unusual with 8-10 minutes) in this pattern might seem to strange to comprehend, but if you, like I do, appreciate what they are doing, it is interesting to hear them do it.

Most of the band rage hell on stage, and the energy is defiantly there, but the singer seems a bit nervous, clinging to the microphone stand a bit too much. Apart from that, their performance is good, and the response from the audience is rather remarkable, considering a majority of those present probably never heard the band before.

6 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)


There is a certain feel of paradox at attending a Khoma-gig. Though the music is dark, dramatic and often a bit depressive, there is nothing but love and happiness from the start. Love and happiness in some sort of distorted, depressive way. A concert with this band feels more like a genuine mutual experience than a regular gig, and the interaction between the band and the fans breeds this, making it ever better as the show progresses.

Singer Jan Jämte spends most time basically lying in the front row, grasping hands and feeling the love from the fans, and receiving it to extremes. This connection between the band and its fans is probably the reason why all people present sing their heart out through the entire show, with no need for the band to urge it. After "One Of Us Must Hang", the crowd continues to sing the melody so that singer Jan cannot be heard talking. He has no choice but to smile and wait for the people to finish. Very few bands with such limited fan base can pull off such a thing.

On the downside there is not much, apart from the usual live problems concerning occasional sound problems, a few false notes here and there, and arseholes not being able to respect fellow members of the audience (though I have to say, they were surprisingly absent). I could wish for the setlist to be a bit different and longer, but it feels as even if they had played all their songs, you would have wanted more.

The fact is, however, that when many bands manage to establish a great connection with the audience, Khoma takes it one step further and become one with the crowd. There are no boundaries, barriers or worries. Just the band and the fans, and they love each other. If you get the chance to see this band live, then for God's sake, do it!

9,5 chalices of 10


From The Hands Of Sinners
Through Walls
One Of Us Must Hang
A Final Storm
Army Of One
Like Coming Home
In It For The Fighting
By The Gallows
Stop Making Speeches
All Like Serpents

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