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Reviewed by David
City: Löttorp (Öland), Sweden
Date: 23 July 2005
Setlength: 100 minutes



Jerusalem's fans are the most faithful, in all aspects. Therefore it was crowded to the limit this evening in a tent out in nowhere, Löttorp that is, in the north of Öland. For many it has become a tradition to visit at least one of the usual summer-gigs with the legendary christian rockers. This time the constantly changing band line-up consisted of Ulf Christiansson (song, guitar), Anders Mossberg (bass), Klas Anderhell (drums) and Stig Lindell (keyboards). Klas Anderhells pounding intro to Krigsman was a highlight as usual. Mossberg might look like an old math teacher, but you can tell that he loves being on stage once in a while. The thing with Ulf is that he never sings a song the same way twice, or from verse to verse for that matter. It can be kind of annoying at first, but it always ends up great.

It started out very promising with the heavy riff of Time pouring out from Ulf's guitar. What I can recall, it was the first time I heard that song live. The setlist contains more positive surprises. For the first time in over ten years I got to hear Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent! Unfortunately it lacked some of its 80s edge and speed, but just to hear it once again made the evening! The middle of the set lost some tempo with the softer songs Homeland (from Ulf's latest solo album) and Jag Behöver Dig. Ulf kept his usual speech quite short this evening, confining himself to question man's faith in science. Sure he's got a point here. Man needs something to believe in and in the wake or religion we put our trust in science, in spite of the everyday changing 'facts' delivered.

The surprises were not over quite yet. Among the encore numbers comes one of my outsider favourites, the ballad Bara Hos Dej from the 'leftovers' album R.A.D. (Volym Fyra). After this song the stage crew lights up the tent to say that its over. But Ulf wants to do yet another song and that happens to be one of the absolute best versions of Jag Vill Ge Dig En Blomma I've heard. Although I enjoyed the songs put in the set, it is inevitable to miss those left out, like Ständig Förändring (Constantly Changing), De Sorgsnas Parad (Mourner's Parade) and, as usual, all but the title track from Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent. But there is still hope to hear songs like Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven and The Night When Revelation Came Into My Life! Jerusalem will arrange a big 30th anniversary in their hometown Gothenburg in October. All the past members will be present and we can expect them to perform a cavalcade including songs from their whole discography. I'll be there!

8 chalices of 10


1. Time
2. Moderne Man (Man Of The World)
3. Pass På (Wake Up)
4. City On Fire
5. Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent
6. Homeland
7. Jag Behöver Dej (I Depend On You)
8. It's Mad
9. Pappa Vem Har Gjort (Daddy Who Has Made)
10. Krigsman (Warrior)
11. Rip My Heart Out
12. Risen
13. Noa
14. Soldier
15. Bara Hos Dej (Only With You)
16. Jag Vill Ge Dig En Blomma (A Flower)

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