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Reviewed by Tobbe
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Scandic Hotel Malmen
Date: 16 November 2011
Set length: 111 minutes

Jeff Waters Guitar Clinic

In cooperation with Epiphone, Ottawa native Jeff Waters Of Annihilator has announced three clinics in Scandinavia and one stop was in Stockholm, Sweden. About 100 people showed up to see him perform and it's a somewhat odd feeling seeing people sit down in the front row and everybody else just standing there looking at this 45 year old dude like if it was someone you have never seen or heard before.

Up on the podium, Jeff was in a great mood and gave us many stories about everything and nothing. In between his almost constant talking we also got eight Annihilator songs. All with playback from his Ipad and with his guitar a bit louder than everything else. Jeff complained a bit that the sound wasn't loud enough, but it wasn't that bad after all and we all could hear his stunning guitar play quite well.

There's actually nothing much to say in a guitar clinic review other than that he is a great guitar player and a great performer in between the songs, as he was talking about IKEA, Axl Rose, Megadeth etc... He also told us some stories about his career and that there's no money in this business for a metal band, unless you perform in front of 5000 people or more and you stay sober, don't shoot up heroin and don't sign bad contracts. It's just for the love of the music he said. He was laid back and could probably be a stand up comedian if he wasn't a guitar player as there was much laughter through the whole clinic.

He showed us a bit of his picking technique and how he uses blues rhythms and just speed them up to create a thrash riff or a solo. He also talked about his custom made Epiphone guitars of course, as it was the main purpose of this clinic. According to Jeff, medium quality guitars for a low quality guitar's price.

This was two hours well spent and I wish more musicians was doing this as it was nothing but a good time, both for Jeff and for the people down on the floor.

Performance: 9 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 6 chalices of 10
: The Trend
: Nothing


No Zone
Set The World On Fire
The Trend
Brain Dance
The Fun Palace
Word Salad
Alison Hell

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