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Reviewed by MettleAngel
Special guest: Demon Hunter, All Shall Perish, Battlecross
City: Covington, Kentucky, US
Venue: Madison Theater
Date: 07 February 2013
In Flames set length: 90 min

This was my first time attending a show at the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky. I was surprised to see a decent crowd base for a poorly advertised show, on a Thursday night, no less. I myself had only heard about the show a few days prior. Apparently after departing the third voyage of "70,000 Tons Of Metal", In Flames embarked upon on U.S. Tour known as "Another Year, Another Tour" with three other bands of their own choosing: Battlecross, All Shall Persih, and Demon Hunter.

This was my second time seeing Metal Blade recording artists Battlecross. I saw them on "Tresspass" in the summer with God Forbid, Trivium, and Five Finger Death Punch. They have really stepped up their game with a better performance, relinquishing the Pantera cover of "Hostile" to focus on songs from their 'Pursuit Of Honor' album, and debuting a new song from their forthcoming release due this summer.

My camera began to malfunction, so I completely stepped away from All Shall Perish, as I am not a fan anyhow. By the time Demon Hunter hit the stage, I was ready to roll. I was not too familiar with these Christians, but they impressed me. During their set, they blew a PA, and completely unawares continued to play "unplugged" for two songs with maximum potential. They never lost their cool, and stayed on their A-Game, storming the gates of hell. I was also surprised to see that almost every member of the band could sing, from their heavy set drummer "Yogi" to the two guitarists and bassist. Overall, I would recommend checking these guys out again; especially, as their newer material has more clean vocals, and less Metalcore inclinations.

In Flames

When In Flames hit the stage, the crowd was pumped, and they were ready to pull the trigger. They opened with the title-track to their latest album. I began to shoot pictures when instantly guitarist Björn Gelotte recognized me and winked. After the show he thanked me for coming out to see them on such short notice.

As they continued to stand ablaze the crowd went into a frenzy when they played the classic "Pinball Map" with that very recognizable riff. We knew this was an episode, sick, sick, sick! I admit that I was hoping to hear "Only For The Weak", but "Embody The Invisible" was quite a pleasant surprise, as was "The Hive" from 'Whoracle'.

Anders Friden, who had his long roped tresses and locks wrapped in a baseball cap, thanked the audience for their dedication, claiming that he had planned to quit as a formidable frontman quite awhile ago, but the crowd is what made him continue. It was as if he was being fed food from the Gods. He made it quite clear that he did not care for the effeminate Yellow outfits of the security who were not doing too good of a job from discouraging crowd surfers. One such lady was texting, and not during her job at all, as moshers continued to plow over the borders and shatter its defences.

I am not joking, it was cool to hear some cuts like "Cloud Connected", "The Quiet Place", or "The Mirror's Truth" from albums of which I was never too fond of playing, save those hits and a few others. Clearly, I as not dead alone in wanting to hear the classics, but I accept the fact that they have to meet the demand of their younger fans, as well, and support their latest mettle effort.

To my delight, energetic Guitarist Niclas Engelin was very animated, thrashing around the stage in his shorts, while longtime bassist Peter Iwers kept the balance, with a touch of re-direction, and assimilation. The elevated stage allowed them the liberation to frolic, resounding the attack with a pervasive prance; maintaining an air of mirth and frivloity as they hammered through hits past and present.

While they played the passionate "Take This Life", I noticed this cute college girl singing along to every word, while her poseur boyfriend continued to grope her, not knowinig the music at all, and obvious making a public display of himself. Just as they were about to exit, fans begged for one more song, and were grateful when In Flames responded in kind with "My Sweet Shadow".

Overall, this was an unexpected surprise to be able to attend this show, on my own, and to witness a band like In Flames attract such a diverse audience. I know they have paid their dues, and deserve this level of success.

I can recall how in 1998 this once unknown act toured America, hoping to colonize fans. Surprisingly, they came to my home town performing to a meager crowd of less than 20, celebrating my 30th birthday while dedicating "Stand Ablaze" all for me, personally. I guess those were darker times. It is an honor to serve and support one of Sweden's best Melodic Death Metal acts, who have evolved and are continually morphing into a primal conviction of their former selves. Mold the clay, Man, thanks for the black ash inheritence!

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Cloud Connected
: Ropes

Sounds Of A Playground Fading
Where The Dead Ships Dwell
Pinball Map
Embody The Invisible
Cloud Connected
The Hive
Fear Is The Weakness
The Quiet Place
All For Me
The Mirror's Truth
Deliver Us
Take This Life
My Sweet Shadow

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