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Reviewed by Michael the MettleAngel
Tourname: Come Clarity World Tour
Headliner: In Flames
Special guests: Evergrey, Nevermore, Throwdown
City: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Venue: Bogarts
Date: 11 May 2006
In Flames set-length: 95 minutes
Evergrey set-length: 30 minutes
Nevermore set-length: 30 minutes
Throwdown set-length: 30 minutes



What an absolute honour and priceless probity to be graced by the presence of Evergrey on this their second trip to the States. My wife and I primarily went to the show to experience the encounter of these rulers of the mind and infer their masterplan. To our dismay and dark discovery, we were misled by the great deceiver Bogarts box office, and madness caught another victim as Evergrey were compelled to open the show - an unforgivable sin! We were in the wake of the weary wondering why our harmless wishes were a mere desultory diamagnetism for those in charge. With rancour, die-hards vituperated and inveighed against the concert promoters with the essence of conviction; after descrying the shocking truth. Evergrey should have preceded In Flames; but in America, all the hardcore bands always play before the headliners. After a week of serious frustration, with faith restored, the wife and I finally made it to the venue verily 10 minutes before the ambassador Tom and his unspeakable tribe hit the stage. Henrik who was wearing the humorous "White Trash Manifesto" shirt later informed me that during this entire tour, the band was suffering from serious technical difficulties. This surprised me as I was blown away and lost in luxury by Evergrey's succint set, at loss for words. I still don't agree with all the favorable press for "Monday Morning Apocalypse". I really like the CD, but I should not count it as one of my favorites this year.

Later when speaking with Rickard & Jonas, they agreed that my relished release, tends to be the ones most fans worship, namely "In Search of Truth". Last time I saw Evergrey with Iced Earth & Children of Bodom they played tracks from this, but alas, tonight, this album was omitted. Thankfully we did get treated to an older classic with "She Speaks to the Dead". Hearing the new songs live, though, totally impressed me, as they just seemed more aggressive and better played in closure. The wife and I just thoroughly celebrated the whole time they were on stage. Their complex, corrigible riffage had us all awestruck like a raindrop still in the water After "A Touch of Blessing" and the final curtain fall, I even decided to purchase a tour shirt. The night was anecdoted and annoited as members of Evergrey remained by our side in fealty during In Flames entire show. It was a pleasant paean, as we confabulated with them all about metal & every day life. Evergrey are down to earth and so damn cool. We even practiced our Swedish discourse with them. More and more I am really beginning to understand why this band is so popular. Many in attendance admitted that they too had come to just see Evergrey. If you have ever seen this band live you know what I mean, if not don't miss them. They will perform at Prog. fest in Atlanta with their choirs & orchestra just like their DVD. So check them out and get to know them. Tack!

Set-list: (written for me by Tom himself)

More Than Ever
She Speaks To The Dead
Still In The Water
Monday Morning Apocalypse
A Touch Of Blessing

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Next up was Seattle based Nevermore, who were also relegated to a laconic live set, with a sea of possibilities. Tonight was a unique experience as two members from the band were absent due to illness. Jim Mcdonough (Iced Earth/Megadeth) was filling in for Jim Sheppard on bass, and Chris Broderick (Jag Panzer) was substituting for Steve Smyth on guitar. Chris is such an amazing talent as Warrel the 'insanity assassin', himself admitted, when he mentioned to me that Chris practiced and rehearsed constantly. Hearing Chris shred on all the Nevermore classics was a real revelation for me. After opening with "The Final Product" from their lastest endeavor, the hurting words of Warrel adressed the audience at Bogarts, referrring back to his glory days as a young lad in his previous band when they onced toured with Megadeth. I instantly screamed out "Battle Angels" (which I have taunted Warrel with several times over the years), and immediately Jim played the opening riff on bass, but then was interrupted by Warrel's termination force, delineating, "that there would be none of that.". I guess Mr. Dane was not prepared to die for my sins!

Next Nevermore, continued the deconstruction and death of passion, showing no sanctuary, as the lotus eaters hammered out their classic "I Voyager". As Warrel warily ripped through the veil of disguise, and conferred with the audience once more, narcosynthesis quelled the throng of thrashers, I screamed out with my acid words, "White Rabbit!". He retorted with a resounding "No!". "We play that everytime, but not tonight!".This sound of silence and believe in nothing mentality, is why I have not invested in their latest release; although now I should! Then the band played "Poison GodMachine" from "Dreaming Neon Black" then "Engines of Hate"and the title track from "Dead Heart in a Dead World". They saved the burner "Born" for their closer. Then Warrel and the band bid farewell to the medicated nation with the blessing of love from the bottom of their dead hearts. Later when the wife & I hung out with Warrel he photographed us with his cell phone, I thanked him and made amends for my holocaust of thought, and always asking him about Sanctuary. He was pleased to discuss his roots and promised that on the next tour of eden, the bittersweet feast would include one "obscure" song from "In the Mirror Black". I anxiously await that with a future tense, long since dark and a future uncertain!

Set-list: (thanks to Nevermore's promoters for this!)

Final Product
I Voyager
Poison Godmachine
Engines Of Hate
Dead Heart In A Dead World

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When this band hit the stage, a huge pit erupted and several violent fights fulminated. The wife and I bailed from the stage area and headed for the bar. This was a wise decision. We had been so sick all week and so stressed out, we were in no mood for moshing or mixing it up. Returning to the bar was a sedulous suggestion, as we ended up spending the rest of the night getting to know Evergrey, as I previously mentioned. Throwdown's sound was so simplistic and they sounded just like Pantera. Someone remarked that they did a Pantera cover, which I never even noticed. I was informed that the band are cool and I bear them no malice, I'm just not a big fan of the new hardcore scene. I was never really into Pantera all that much either. Once again, I so wished this would have been Evergrey's spot. Still, think good things, and good things do happen, since we would not have been able to entertain with Evergrey, if they had played in this time slot.

Set-list: (I have no clue...)

Pantera Cover - "New Level"

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In Flames

Resigned to a safe distance admidst the dark signs and vanishing light,, the wife and I enjoyed In Flames' food for the Gods with Evergrey by our side. Even though, both bands hail from Gothenburg, Sweden, Evergrey keyboardist, Rickard admits that he only recently got to know the band personally on this tour. I've had the privilege of visiting the colony of In Flames several times. They truly embody the invisible with their munificence and timeless temperance. Once they came to town on my birthday and even played "Stand Ablaze" as my mettle birthday mendicancy. When I spoke with Bjorn last night, he actually remembered fulfilling this phantasmagoric for me. After the show, Anders was worshipped like a god in the "Wayne's World" "We are not worthy!" motif as zombies inc.fans literally bowed in his presence in abject admiration.. Well, at least the drifter posed for a photo with the wife and I, and even signed her jacket. I questioned Peter Iwers about his brother's involvement with Ceremonial Oath 12 years ago when Oscar Dronjak & Jesper played for them. He was not too sure, but did mention that his brother now plays for Tiamat, for which I was unaware. Peter shocked fans wearing his black and white Cinderella shirt, but that's In Flames!

Now on with the show, and this is no ordinary story, or another day in quicksand. The crowd erupted when In Flames hit the stage clad in shadows, opening with "Quiet Place" their single from "Soundtrack to Your Escape" Next up was "Touch of Red", have you seen this video with chick's washing cars, what's up with that? Folowing this was "Watch them Feed" from the "Trigger EP": then we wiley winced with "Worlds Within the Margin" from "Whoracle": and "System" from "Reroute to Remain". As the band continued to the metaphor of selecting songs from each of their CDs, Anders had the crowd's coerced existence whipped into a frenzy, while lashing the free fall fanatics with his dreadnaught locks. Meanwhile Bjorn "Tiger Stripes" Gelotte and the xanthous juvenescence of Jesper just prolonged our infinite struggle as they protracted and profligated like mad jesters in a vacuum. Then they tore into one of my personal favorites "Pinball Map". The stage lights were incandescent and glaring like a disco in a dialogue with the stars.. Wendy & I even witnessed an unconscious girl being carried out by 6 men. She must have been another victim of the bullet ride, attempting to swim and crawl through knives.

I was surprised when In Flames played "Graveland" from "The Jester's Race", apparently it is Ander's favotite fundamental from that release. The hive was now a jester's script transfigured, as they blasted "Behind Space" at maximum speed. Then they slowed down to play the best song on their latest offering "Come Clarity", which is just so majestic and sentient. Rickard from Evergrey, swears this will be the single which launches In Flames into super stardom with the dawn of a new day. I was hoping that they would play "Episode 666" next, but they went from the slow title track to "Scream" again creating chaos in the versus terminus.. Then for the rest of the night it was all sing- a - long with "Only for the "Weak", "Trigger", Cloud Connected", & "Take this Life". It seems strange to say the crowd was singing to these songs, as this in In Flames, but when Anders sings, he versifies so well, and with the crowd chanting it was quite quarantined.. The final encore ended the show with "Leeches" & "My Sweet Shadow". With that, the fans would wipe off the sweat & blood and just brush the dust away thankful to have been privy to the black ash inheritence. .

I've been a fan of In Flames ever since I dished out $25 for my original copy of "Lunar Strain". I was thoroughly impressed with In Flames and their palatial performance. I'm not thrilled with their newer material, but I definitely dismiss the cynics who are everlost in their scorn and ever dying diatribes over this band. In Flames pioneered the melodic death metal sound and they deserve dutiful respect.and admiration for this. They have never sold-out per se', they just continue to evolve, morphing into primal, as far as I'm concerned, with In Flames, everything counts!

Setlist: (thanks to the guitar tech. for this!)

Quiet Place
Touch Of Red
Watch Them Feed
Worlds Within The Margin
Pinball Map
Dial 595-Escape
Embody The Invisible
Behind Space
Come Clarity
Only For The Weak
Cloud Connected
Take This Life
My Sweet Shadow

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