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Reviewed by Michael the MettleAngel
Special guest: Megadeth, Machine Head
City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Venue: US Bank Arena
Date: 08 May 2007
Machine Head set length: 30 minutes
Megadeth set length: 60 minutes
Heaven & Hell set length: 140 minutes

After all, almost three weeks have quickly transpired since Wendy and I witnessed the Neon Knights of Sabbath; even still the quotidian resonance of Heaven & Hell burns in our minds-I. Who would have thunk, shortly thereafter, bliss would become atrophy - that life's rich tapestry would unravel and foment, leaving our souls feeling that we were falling off the edges of the world?

Machine Head

Returning to faster times, now I'll lay thee down the Davidian code of that night's empirical hymn. The Latin overture played as the ten ton hammer that is Machine Head hit the stage. Rob screamed at the audience and Dave pounded into perspective the sacred rites. These mettle proles of impiety and personified vio-lence, vitiated their aesthetics of hate with fuckin' hostile intent.

As each song lured fans into a frenzy, Rob Flynn and Phil Demmel traded off solo after solo. Rob incited his loyal advocates against that spurious article from "Iconoclast" December14, 2004 which attempted to sully Dimebag's legacy; by rallying his troops into total domination and admiration for his friend Darrell Abbott. Even though it was early Tuesday evening in Cincinnati, Machine Head created a quixotic crowd chaos, quickening the blackening and gearing the masses for the arsenal of war that is Megadeth.

7 chalices of 10


Now I Lay Thee Down
Aesthetic Of Hate
Ten Ton Hammer


Watching the action next, Megadeth delivered dynamically, waking the dead, taking no prisoners; screaming and kicking ass with each cherished extreme symphony of constructive unction. Even though, the new album - United Abominations would not be out for another whole week, the idols of 'Deth opened with the fantastic first track - Sleepwalkers - omitting the awesome acoustic intro.

Earlier that evening we had spoke with Glen Drover, praising him for his amazing accomplishments on the new release. He assured us the set list would all be fast songs - even forsaking the new Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free) single. He was right, Megadeth were in full form molten and metalizing. Even though Mr. Mustaine appeared a bit worn for wear, the apostles of defiance, along with James Lomenzo exhibited sheer ingenuity and tactful talent.

Washington Is Next followed Hanger 18 and along with another favorite classic of mine - Tornado Of Souls - which was also played during Gigantour - these ripping anthems proved that the Megadeth system had prevailed. Then, I thought I heard Dave utter, "Who wants to put a price on piss - pee sells!" Of course, I know better having heard this staple every time I've seen the band over the last two decades. The encore was - as expected - Holy Wars, then Dave signed off with his trademark response, "Thank you, we had a great time - good night - you've been great - we've been Megadeth!"

8,5 chalices of 10


Take No Prisoners
Kick The Chair
Wake Up Dead
Hangar 18
Washington Is Next
She Wolf
Symphony Of Destruction
Tornado Of Souls
Peace Sells
Holy Wars


Heaven & Hell

The moment of truth had arrived, as we observed the elaborate stage with castle like facades and stain glass cathedral windows, nigh only a few feet from the Creator of Heavy Metal himself - Tony Iommi and the elvenking who is Dio!

E5105 echoed and they opened with After All (The Dead) - the Mob ruled! Dio announced the next track as the stain glass depictions turned to the cover art for his second effort with the boys of Black Sabbath. Apparently, Children Of The Sea was the first song he wrote when he replaced Ozzy, and he declared it so, offering it up for our willing ears in the wallop. I never knew this song was politically about pollution.

More classics continued like Lady Evil, Sign Of The Southern Cross & Voodoo, with even more elaborate stage theatrics and headless double-crosses. Then Dio told us they'd like to do a new cut and so with that... The Devil Cried. With this the back drop became flames and Vinnie opted into a dutiful solo. Then the countdown began: 5-4-3-2-1 as the Computer God ensured that the walls would fall down. The stage then became dimly lit with barren trees for another new one - Shadow Of The Wind, following Falling Off The Edge Of The World.

As Tony soloed for his intrinsic intro into Die Young, we noticed his continuous smile, his vertiginous grin; as if he was so pleased to still be doing this after three decades of living through his own private heaven and hell. Dio then quoted lyrics from "Heaven And Hell": the song that goes on and on, and now serves as their appellative. This has to be the most imitated and emulated riff in all metal history, not to mention the 10,000th time Dio has sung this song. Even so, after 18 minutes, and given his septaginarian proclivity, he and his counterparts could still turn up the night.

Now, this was the fun part; because, after a full band introduction, and all while playing the encore for Neon Nights - willing, wanton women kept stripping and tossing their bras on stage to these old, married geezers! Anyway, at this point Dio became rather amused and even altered the chorus to say," Neon Nights - Neon Tits!", pointing out the nude flashers, who were desperately attempting to imitate another seedy crime -from the live evil bygone era of paranoid peace freaks and wild children of the graven image.

All in all, after all, Heaven & Hell delivered one hell of a show which sent our souls straight to heaven; allowing us for just a moment to die young.

9 chalices of 10


E5150 (Intro)
After All (The Dead)
The Mob Rules
Children Of The Sea
Lady Evil
The Sign Of The Southern Cross
The Devil Cried
Vinnie's Drum Solo
Computer God
Falling Off The Edge Of The World
The Shadow Of The Wind
Die Young
Heaven And Hell
Neon Knights

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