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Getaway Rock Festival 2011

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Reviews by Mozzy/Martin/Tribe

Thursday - July 07

Band: Death Angel
Bandit Stage 14:15-15:00

~ By Martin
That there's going to be mosh during a concert with Death Angel is a natural law. And it doesn't take many minutes for people to get going when the sons of San Francisco takes the stage in command in a sweltering heat. And they are eager to play, let me tell you. In spite of having driven 24 hours from Germany and barely having time to brush their teeth before going on stage, Death Angel's show is bursting with energy and joy. Mark Osegueda unleashes his mighty dreadlocks along with his vocal cords as if there was no tomorrow. I'm also very impressed by guitarists Rob Cavestany's and Ted Aguilar's playing - meaty and delivered with force. Drummer Will Carroll is, without a doubt, the sweatiest guy on the festival having attacked his tom-packed kit with such force that several drumsticks simply have snapped. I really wish I had better knowledge of the band's material as I naturally would have enjoyed the show more. Now I can simply state that if Death Angel had been given more stagetime I would have said - yes please.

Best: Will Carrolls pummeling display of power.
Worst: That Mark Osegueda didn't share his Bombay Sapphire Gin with especially this writer ;-) By Satan, he had a whole goddamned bottle!

7 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Band: Monster Magnet
Monster Stage 17.30-18.30

~ By Mozzy
Over the last couple of years, many live reports regarding Monster Magnet have centred round one thing: frontman Dave Wyndorf's physical condition. Because of side-effects from required medication, he gained lots of weight which altered his appearance quite drastically, also giving him no other choice than to wear large, baggy clothes. Worse still, his weight prevented him from performing with his former energy and mobility. Now, he has definitely lost some weight. Thus, he is at least a bit more mobile, doing poses and nodding his head to the music. Still, this is nowhere near the ultra-dynamic killer frontman, dripping with sweat, that used to excite audiences with massive doses of explosive, first-rate rock n' roll showmanship.

It is of course wrong to single out an individual's personal appearance and judge everything in a concert by that, and that is certainly not the case here. Wyndorf can't help the way he looks, neither his physical condition. The music performed is quality rock n' roll, and the concluding trio of classic numbers - Crop Circle, Powertrip and Space Lord - is a most pleasurable moment. Even so, one cannot help lamenting that Monster Magnet simply isn't the same, awesome live band it once was. As for his bandmates, they don't exactly radiate stage presence, being quite boring to watch, and longtime guitarist Ed Mundell, who quit recently is sorely missed. Sadly, this is largely a shadow of the Monster Magnet of old. Let's just hope that Wyndorf gets back in top shape and kicks life into the Monster Magnet live monster again - one suspects that Wyndorf is eager to do just that.

5 chalices of 10

Nod Scene
Dopes To Infinity
Hallucination Bomb
Dig That Hole
The Right Stuff
Look to Your Orb For The Warning
Crop Circle
Space Lord

Band: Ghost
Gasklockan Stage 19:00-19:45

~ By Martin
The line to the Gasklockan Stage winds long. There really is a hysteric hype around Ghost. When inside the old building one is greeted with near darkness and a very diminutive stage light. This is truly occult I think to myself. On record I find Ghost really not that interesting, but live this gang really is something special. It sounds and looks very astounding - every little detail is thought through so as to make it more adequate to speak about a performance rather than a concert. When the band takes to the stage the entire room is filled with smoke and the scent of incense is very palpable.

The band is as usually masked in monks robes with only the eyes visible apart from singer Papa Emeritus I who is painted, and when they start to play the audience screams with joy. The band has the large, around 800 people, audience in its palm from the first to the last note. The singing is incredibly strong and the crowd seems to love everything Ghost does on stage. It doesn't take long before I find myself happily nodding along, truly enjoying myself, and looking forward to the next song. When Ghost walk off stage it seems to me that the show was too short - which is a very high mark in my book. One of the truly greatest concert experiences I've had, I really am looking forward to seeing Ghost again.

Best: The ambiance.
Worst: That not everybody waiting in line to Gasklockan got in.

8 chalices of 10

Masked Ball
Con Clavi Con Dio
Death Knell
Satan Prayer
Stand By Him
Prime Mover
Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles cover)

Band: Alice Cooper
Monster Stage 22.30-00.00

~ By Mozzy
I'm sure I wasn't the only one having the following thoughts: 'Alice Cooper.. well, that will be a good show as always, but hardly spectacular, and in truth I don't exactly need to see him again since I've seen him a number of times before and quite recently as well". Fact is, Alice and his band have been quite frequent visitors to Sweden over the years, and although he is one of the most revered names in rock, there is bound to creep up some feelings of indifference in cases like these. But we all were to be proven wrong.

Alice makes his entrance onstage on top of tall tower-like plateau, overlooking the crowd, and the show is in motion. The Black Widow is a good opener and Brutal Planet is delivered in a terrific version. Then there's no time to catch your breath as four timeless classics is played back-to-back: I'm Eighteen, Under My Wheels, Billion Dollar Babies and No More Mr Nice Guy. Already at this stage, it is clear this will be a memorable night. The crowd is loving it, with happy faces all around. The atmosphere is then raised even further when Hey Stoopid is played. This tune has not been a standard in the set for a very long time, and since it was a big favourite in Sweden back in the day, it goes down a storm, being greeted with loud singing. There is even a new song played, I'll Bite Your Face Off, which sounds promising.

As for the theatrical, entertainment part of the show, we get some well-known features: the beheading of Alice, the assaulting of baby and woman dolls and the dollar bills thrown into the audience. Yes, we have seen it before, but that does prevent every one of those tricks to be damn entertaining. Also, the appearance of a giant Frankenstein monster onstage, during Feed My Frankenstein, is a treat, and the impaling of an annoying photographer is funny. Everything is so well presented, and in terms of stage expertise, Alice is of course a pro in the true sense of the word; you cannot avoid having your eyes fixed on the 63-year old, who commands the show and is certainly in good shape for his age. That is true of his voice as well.

As for his musicians, they contribute splendidly. They play the songs with skill and enthusiasm, and bring an aura of freshness and vitality. While these players are younger than Alice, and most of them newly-recruited, he is also joined onstage by Steve Hunter, who played with Alice in the seventies. Back in the band for this tour, the guitarist seems to be having a great time and it is certainly a cool bonus to witness a member from the Alice golden era. During the encores, another former member, Ryan Roxie, joins for some serious rocking. Even though a show with Alice Cooper will always be entertaining from a visual point of view, tonight was more about the music, countless classic rock songs being performed with passion, hunger and sincerity. What beforehand didn't feel that spectacular thus proved to be a brilliant concert. How wonderful!

8,5 chalices of 10

Intro: Vincent Price
The Black Widow
Brutal Planet
I'm Eighteen
Under My Wheels
Billion Dollar Babies
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Hey Stoopid
Is It My Body
Halo of Flies
I'll Bite Your Face Off
Muscle of Love
Only Women Bleed
Cold Ethyl
Feed My Frankenstein
Clones (We're All)
Wicked Young Man
I Love the Dead
School's Out

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Friday - July 08

Band: Soreption
Gasklockan Stage 17:30-18:15

~ By Martin
Compared to the expectations I had on Vomitory's gig, the expectations were not at all lower when it came to technically brilliant Soreption. These guys are master musicians, and with a killer record, Deterioration Of Minds, behind them the conditions for a good show really were there. Tony Westermark behind the drums answered for the absolutely best slaughter of the drums so far on the festival - the pummeling was relentless, and played with such technical skill that I just stood and gawked at the guy.

In my review of Deterioration Of Minds I wrote that despite of having just one guitar on it, it sounded very rich. I get the reason for this when I see Rikard Persson on the six-stringed bass. The low-end that guy provided with guitarist Anton Svedin was astounding. The vocals are brought forth by Fredrik Söderberg who, besides for having a good stage presence, very much can growl in an impressive way. I get so excited by the show that I totally forget to write down what songs the band are playing, but I remember them playing Supressing The Mute and The Hypocrite, Undying at least. The liveversions of those songs surely weren't bad, and with this concert in mind, I really hope that Soreption get more attention. They're worth it.

Best: The more than solid playing.
Worst: I really can't say anything.

7 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Band: Hardcore Superstar
Monster Stage 18.00-19.00

~ By Mozzy
Hardcore Superstar is a band Swedish rock fans have had the chance to see live on many, many occasions over the last few years - either at festivals, at their own headline gigs or as a support act to various mega bands visiting Sweden. Most probably, this is part of the reason why tonight's concert, at least not initially, does not produce that excited, jubilant mood among those gathered. Also, the stage time at 6 pm is a bit early for everyone to be in top mood, so to speak.

Although Sadistic Girls and Guestlist provide a thunderous opening, it's obvious that the band have some work to do to get the party in full swing. Guitarist Vic Zino issues a call for the crowd to start rocking, singer Jocke Berg, clearly not satisfied with the response, uses his wide range of skills to galvanise the fans, and drummer Adde Andreasson, always the showman, steps down from his drum set to hand over some beer to the ones at the barricade. One gets the feeling the band actually quite relishes the challenge.

It certainly helps that this has turned into a rock-solid live entity, gelling together from all the steady live gigging. Also, following some first-class records, the band now has a very impressive arsenal of songs at their disposal. Every tune played rocks and grooves like hell, their appealing blend of sleaze rock and heavy metal getting the audience at their feet. Here Comes That Sick Bitch is a ballad that deviates from the concept, but brings dynamics to the set, delivered in a great version with Vic Zino on acoustic guitar supporting Berg's passionate vocals. Speaking of Berg's singing ability, he truly is equipped with a powerful set of pipes, with flawless high-pitch screams accompanying his cool, raspy voice.

Tonight, Hardcore Superstar have to work just a bit harder to please their supporters. And as they finish their show with three true party anthems - Last Call For Alcohol (during which two overjoyed fans get the chance to sing onstage - a very cool move), Moonshine and We Don't Celebrate Sundays - it is clear they have succeeded yet again to deliver a terrific, crowd-pleasing rock n' roll show. Although there have been more memorable Hardcore Superstar shows, this fabolous live band usually maintain a level in their performance that many bands can only dream of reaching.

7,5 chalices of 10

Sadistic Girls
My Good Reputation
Wild Boys
Dreamin' In A Casket
Medicate Me
Cry Your Eyes Out
Here Comes That Sick Bitch
Last Call For Alcohol
We Don't Celebrate Sundays

Band: Desultory
Gasklockan Stage 20:00-20:45

~ By Martin
The return of Desultory to the pure death metalscene with Counting Our Scars has been hailed with profound joy by us who enjoyed the band's two first records. This is quite understandable in regards to just how good …Scars is. And goddamn, when the band takes to the stage it's total surrender from the get go! The sound is as brutally thick as I want to have the sound on a death metalshow, and it really doesn't hurt that the band is eager to play the shit out of the audience. Drummer Thomas Johnson is after just a couple of songs totally drenched in sweat, bassist Johan Bohlin, guitarists Klas and Håkan Morberg are shredding along as if this was the last show the band would play. And the singing - it's totally ludicrously good! The fact that some in the audience leaves to go see Danzig instead is their loss because when I after Desultory's concert walks past Moster Stage, I can only say that the way Danzig sounded, Desultory kicks that man's ass seven days a week with one hand tied behind the back.

Best: Everything!
Worst: Nothing!

9 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Band: Danzig
Monster Stage 20.30-21.30

~ By Mozzy
Aside from being one of the more influential cult figures on the scene over the last decades, Glenn Danzig is also quite infamous for being an unpredictable, ill-tempered person at times. In any case, this is probably one of the most anticipated concerts at Getaway Rock, and there is a whole lot of excitement in the air as the band, all clad in pitch-black, storm onto the stage, seemingly out to kick our asses. Danzig himself is so fired up as he accidentally gets stuck with his microphone cable in one of the monitors, causing him to kick the monitors in fury.

Here onwards, the short, robust singer displays his darkest, grumpiest side virtually throughout the rest of the gig. It is a shame, especially since his bandmates are in an upbeat mood, simply intent to put on a good show. Tommy Victor is displaying high energy and cool-as-hell stage presence, and as for his guitar playing, he excels yet again with his trademark razor-sharp riffing. Bassist Steve Zing is also active onstage, while Johnny Kelly is rock-solid behind the drums. Danzig, it should be said, is working hard too but seems rather too pumped up, unmistakably in an angry mood, which is apparent when he directs verbal abuse a number of times, to stage crew personnel and even to a member of the audience. His lack of focus also has the consequence that on repeated instances, he fails to hold the microphone to his mouth when singing, resulting in words disappearing here and there.

Song-wise, there are a couple of numbers that drift by rather unnoticed but the highs are frequent and impossible to resist, with majestic tunes like Twist Of Cain, Her Black Wings and How The Gods Kill. Overall, the material on offer has the irresistible groove and dark atmosphere that characterises Danzig, and it sure is quality stuff. There is also some variation thrown in, such as the rendition of Thirteen, originally written for Johnny Cash. It is a tasteful number and is a treat. The inevitable closer then, Mother, is performed in an awesome version that has the crowd joining in with loud singing to every word. A highlight to say the least, quite magical even.

To sum up things, this Danzig concert left a bit of a sour aftertaste in that it clearly didn't reach its full potential, and it is the singer and main man which is the culprit. A great shame, and so pointless. At the same time, it could be argued that his behaviour brings a bit of an edge and excitement and that Danzig should have a dangerous tone. Still, in this respect it was simply too overblown this time. As stated above though, portions of brilliant music nevertheless made this a more than ok performance.

6 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Band: Kreator
Bandit Stage 21.45-22.45

~ By Mozzy
Having headlined the Thrashfest tour in style, stopping in Stockholm last December, Kreator were a most pleasant addition to Getaway Rock. With a slot late in the evening, anticipation is built up nicely among thrash fans roaming the site. Kicking off with Hordes Of Chaos and Warcurse from the latest album, things get off to a promising start, but the crowd's excitement shall soon erupt in a frenzy. Petrozza lets it be known that he wants to see a big moshpit, and the commanding frontman duly gets his wish. A wide circle is formed, and to golden oldies Endless Pain and Pleasure To Kill, exalted pit participants start sprinting round and round, with an impressive intensity that will last to the end. One cannot help thinking of Kreator's Thrashfest colleagues Exodus, who played on this stage at last year's Getaway, to a similar circle pit. But this probably exceeds that crowd frenzy, with the whole thing bordering on slightly risky at times. People are falling down regularly, especially one older fellow that is clearly shitfaced and exhausted but still tries to trip along before finally admitting defeat and lying down at the side. But to be fair, as usual in a moshpit at a metal gig, there is a friendly, cheerful vibe all around, as it should be.

There is no mistaking the delight among the band to this fantastic response, as wide smiles are plastered on the members' faces - something which is not too common to see, which speaks volumes in itself. Regarding the crowd's reaction, it is certainly justified. Kreator simply put on a fucking awesome display of thrash of the finest order. With just one hour at the band's disposal, there are unavoidably some songs which are missed, but the stage time is very well utilised. Whether it's newer material like or old classics, the fans go mental and are singing along passionately. Also, it's testament to the high quality of the ´newer´ Kreator material when Violent Revoluton is one of the encores, feeling almost just as classic as the ´80´s material. The delivery from the band is marvellously tight and committed, with an excellent sound aiding the vicious riffing. It is a relentless, superb attack of thrash projectiles that gets the adrenaline boiling, and with such formidable songs, many with tasteful melody work too, it is simply the complete package.

As usual, it's Petrozza who is the undisputed focal of attention.The frontman puts in a determined, dynamic effort and is constantly spurring on the crowd, with obvious effect. We are used to see him this way, treating each gig like it is the last, but it's still captivating to witness such awesome hunger and genuine dedication after all these years. The day after, Petrozza complimented the show on his facebook page, writing that ´Gateway´ (funnily enough, he mistakenly called the Getaway festival just that, from the stage even) was "pure insanity". As great praise as any, and in this case, such words describe a successful Kreator show in a positive sense. Without doubt, Kreator were the highlight of the whole festival; an absolutely fabulous concert which will hold down a definite place in the Getaway history.

9,5 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Band: The Darkness
Monster Stage 23.00-00.30

~ By Mozzy
The Darkness came quite from out of nowhere to get rapid, big success. Their debut album sold multi-platinum, while the 2005 follow-up sold not as much but was still a success. In late 2006, The Darkness disbanded, following singer/guitarist Justin Hawkins rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. Personally, I regretted that I never got to see the band live, as they have some marvellously catchy, appealing tunes. Then earlier this year, after some long-time rumours, it was announced that the band was to reunite. It was mainly in their home country the Englishmen became big, and the fact they were around for merely a few years last time around meant they didn't have time to build as big a fanbase outside the UK. This might explain that considering their late-night, headline slot at the biggest stage, the gathering as well as the response is relatively modest to start with.

Things soon get better though, as numbers such as Friday Night and Is It Just Me start to create an increasingly livelier atmosphere, those and virtually all other songs in the set being highly infectious and uplifting. The sound is great, with crisp guitars, and frontman Justin Hawkins' vocals are strong throughout. That said, those who don't like The Darkness often remark on one thing: namely said vocals of Hawkins. Undeniably, he has a singing style which is not of the more common ones, with a shrill tone and frequent falsetto singing. At times, the falsetto becomes rather testing, though it is impressive at the same time. It's also part of the appeal with The Darkness and something which sets them apart and makes them recognisable.

Nevertheless, whether one likes Hawkin's voice or not, there is no denying that he is a colourful character onstage. His demeanour is one of constant showmanship, with dynamic gymnastics, endless poses, amusing grimaces and dirty moves. He is also busy sporting various hilarious/horrendous outfits. Also featuring a tasteful, effective light show and other treats such as confetti, this is an entertaining show, and with regular catchy tunes on offer, the crowd is enjoying the spectacle.

However, having played live just a few times since the reunion, one can also sense just a bit of rustiness. There isn't much connection between the members and the crazy frontman's bandmates are not that entertaining to watch. On the whole, there is clearly room for a greater impact. With more gigging, this will surely be improved, and the band's profile will surely rise with time, not least with the upcoming album. Under all circumstances, The Darkness definitely put on an enjoyable, fun show at Getaway and are greeted with warm applause at its conclusion.

7 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Band: Opeth
Bandit Stage 00:45-02:00

~ By Martin
That Opeth belongs to the higher echelons of geniality when it comes to writing brutally good songs and playing the shit out of everyone else there is little doubt in my world. I find that the very late hour isn't to the bands disadvantage as only the truly fanatic fans of the band still are awake, although it saddens me somewhat that the band doesn't draw a bigger crowd. Opening with The Grand Conjuration the band swiftly demonstrates just how good it is - Axe's bassdrums are so strong that I feel every stroke as a small bomb to the chest - pure bliss if you ask me - but it drenches most of the other guys playing. Thankfully this is taken care of rather quickly, because with this band you want to hear everything that's going on. Deliverance is gone from the setlist from the last time I saw Opeth at Copenhell Festival, but on the other hand we get a perfect rendition of Master's Apprentices. Mendez playing in that song is so good that I shiver. In spite of the late hour Opeth does a good show. As usual, I might add, because I'm starting to realize that this band doesn't do bad concerts. A great ending to a great day.

Best: Åkerfeldt's sardonic in-between-songs rants.
Worst: That the band isn't given a three hour window to play ;-)

7 chalices of 10

The Grand Conjuration
Face Of Melinda
The Lotus Eater
In My Time Of Need
Master's Apprentices
The Drapery Falls
Hex Omega

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Saturday - July 09

Band: Nifelheim
Gasklockan Stage 19:15-20:00

~ By Tribe
The first time I saw a concert with Nifelheim I was so taken away by their intensity and frenzy on stage, making the music beome almost a secondary element. When Getaway Rock Festival announced that the band would enrich the lineup with their presence I felt very happy since I would get the chance to behold this spectacle once more, and this time focus equally much on the music as well as the show and be able to give a more fair judgment.

The gig started in a high and intense tempo (anything else would of course have been highly unlikely when it comes to this band) and the audience was not late to radiate a very positive and immediate response. Tyrant and Hellbutcher don't disappoint when it comes to pleasing the crowd, that is for sure. The choice of songs this night was spot on, with the ace in the sleeve being Gates Of Damnation.

One thing that struck me during the gig was the ability this black metal quintet has to spread their madness and energy to us in the audience, which is definitely a reason for the grade climbing as high as it does. But was this concert better than the last I saw with them in 2009? Musically: yes. Show-wise: not quite. For those of you that still haven't seen this theatre of insanity, I tell you: grab the chance if you get it.

8 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Band: Accept
Monster Stage 20.30-21.30

~ By Mozzy
Featuring on countless polls for best album of 2010, Accept's Blood Of The Nations was nothing but a glorius return by the legendary heavy metallers from Sollingen, Germany. It was indeed a very strong album throughout and contained some superb tracks while new singer, American Mark Turnillo, fitted in well. Extensive touring, to a great response, followed and the appearance at Getaway is Accept's third in Sweden in little over a year. The last one took place exactly a month ago at Sweden Rock, but it was surely pleasing to get the chance to see them again.

At Sweden Rock, Wolf Hoffman was the only one handling guitar duties, as Hermann Frank was injured. Although the renowned axeman did a remarkable job then, Frank's return naturally adds a dimension, bringing some extra fat and making possible the twin-guitar sound, a famous Accept trademark. Perhaps because he's still not 100% physically, Frank adopts quite a reserved role onstage, a couple of metres from the front, instead letting Hoffmann and Baltes take all the spotlight. The two constant Accept members are very dynamic onstage, running about and throwing guitar shapes in unison, and it is apparent they enjoy being back playing the classic tunes to their fans. This is true of the whole band, for that matter, and the great reaction - for the album comeback as well as the live shows - has without a doubt spurred them on even more. Turnillo does an excellent job too, singing the material well while retaining his own personality, and looking comfortable onstage.

Regarding the setlist, it is a bit shorter than at Sweden Rock due to shorter stage time. It still offers a terrific mix: plenty of classic anthems, a couple of tracks from Blood Of The Nations, such as the colossal Teutonic Terror, and the odd not as well-known number, for example Losers And Winners, to spice it up. They are all performed in brilliant versions, helped by an excellent sound. But it is undoubtedly these musicians' individual styles that create that irresistible, crunchy and muscular sound that is so characteristic of Accept - and in turn of classic heavy metal, as few others embody this genre as much as this band. The crowd response is warm, with singalongs and headbanging taking place among heavy metal fans with wide grins on their faces. I'm sure I speak for everyone of them when I say that it's bloody awesome to have Accept back, not only giving us those beloved classics once again but superb new material as well. Bloody awesome.

8 chalices of 10

Teutonic Terror
Bucket Full of Hate
Metal Heart
Losers and Winners
Princess of the Dawn
Aiming High
Up to the Limit
Fast as a Shark
Balls to the Wall

Band: Hammerfall
Monster Stage 23.00-00.30

~ By Mozzy
It's no secret that Hammerfall are huge fans of Accept, having praised them regularly through the years. Coupled with the fact that their sound and compositions have always been reminiscent of the German group, one can assume that there are some nerves lingering among the Swedes when they have the task of playing after Accept tonight, finishing off the last day's performances at the biggest stage. At the same time, surely they are honoured and excited to do so. Indeed, when the quintet take the stage, it's with high spirit. Hammerfall do have their critics, but it's obvious they have great belief in their own ability. The guys clearly enjoy each other's company onstage and put in a spirited effort, being very mobile and switching places regularly onstage. Radiating confidence, they prove they are a close, forceful unit. Vocalist Joacim Cans has stage presence and authority and invites the audience to sing along and let loose.

The songs from the latest studio effort sound terrific in their meaty, slightly heavier shape. Fittingly, B.Y.H. is dedicated to another heavy metal institution, Saxon. Otherwise, the set comprises of a stream of fan favourites such as Bloodbound, Heeding The Call and Hearts On Fire. It sounds powerful throughout, with the actual sound top-notch too. Tonight Hammerfall are a great force, making a very assured impression. Fact is, it makes you wonder if Hammerfall are not in their best form ever, this being probably their most cohesive, strongest line-up yet. They put on an excellent performance, and while they match their heroes Accept well, such thoughts don't appear there and then. This is simply because Hammerfall put on a performance that stands up brilliantly on its own, making comparisons with others needless.

8 chalices of 10

Patient Zero
Any Means Necessary
Fury Of The Wild
Let's Get It On
Crimson Thunder
Heeding The Call
Last Man Standing
The Fire Burns Forever
One More Time
Hearts On Fire
Let The Hammer Fall

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