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Reviewed by Tobbe
Special guests: Rhapsody Of Fire, Dynazty
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Klubben
Date: April 21st 2014
Dynazty set length: 27 minutes
Rhapsody Of Fire set length: 65 minutes
Gamma Ray set length: 108 minutes


Warm ups for tonight's show was selected Swedish melodic metal act Dynazty. I've listened to parts of this outfit's work a few times earlier, but each time it has turned out a little too bland for my taste and needs. Therefore I was caught a bit by astonishment when I witnessed the band's ability to improve and to create somewhat heavier stuff out of this and to really upgrade the standards.

The band explicitly showed signs of energy and dedication to its performance. Most of tonight's audience was already present when these young guns hit the stage at 7.15 and the band used all of its capacity to get the job done during 6 songs. The band interacted well with the crowd and received some response in return. Possibly we are facing a breakthrough from these talented musicians and they surely expressed themselves in a way that makes me want to check out this band on further basis.

Performance: 6 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Dawn Of Your Creation
: The Northern End

Run Amok
Cross The Line
Dawn Of Your Creation
Raise Your Hands
The Northern End

Rhapsody Of Fire

I overheard a few people saying that they wanted this event to be announced as a double headliner show and perhaps they were right, considering the aspects of the approximately 350 fans' reaction, empathy and stamina during both of the 2 last sets. You can't ignore the fact that quite a solid bunch of the visitors had this Italian/German quintet as their top priority on this Monday night.

One of metal's finest and proven vocalists, Fabio Lione, told us late in the set that he wasn't into the nature of dividing music in different types, but after watching this tight and rock solid unit for over an hour, it's immensely tough to not label Rhapsody Of Fire's music as symphonic power metal. Most of the songs have definite colors, but still they head for a certain point and turns out a little repetitive for someone who hasn't been attentive that much to this band during the last decade.

With continuing power and reliability, Lione was in charge with his knock-out performance and his role to keep his audience observant, engulfed and interested throughout the entire show is highly notable. I absolutely enjoyed the moment of being present before such a kick-ass singer, who has the ability to make this band perform at high levels, just by following his wand. Definitely a strong appearance and you can't complain when support acts are able to do something on their own.

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Fabio Lione
: A little repetitive overall.

Vis Divina (intro)
Rising From Tragic Flames
Land Of Immortals
The March Of The Stormmaster
Unholy Warcry
Dark Wings Of Steel
Lamento Eroico
Holy Thunderforce
Dawn Of Victory
Reign Of Terror
Emerald Sword

Gamma Ray

With main man Kai Hansen suffering from his bronchitis and not being in condition to sing properly, Gamma Ray canceled its performance and the entire event in Malmö the other day. Luckily the band had picked up the pieces well enough to be able to perform in Stockholm, with guest appearances from Fabio Lione and bassplayer Dirk Schlächter's buddy Frank Beck. Lione's capacity is hard to question, as stated above, and Beck actually came out somewhat as a winner as well, in spite of his inexperience, and he also had moments where his voice was pretty similar to Kai's.

Kai performed lead vocals in solely 6 songs during the set. Frankly his voice sounded utter shit right from the start of the opener and outstanding song Avalon and specifically when he made attempts to reach the higher notes. He also did some additional backing vocals during a small number of choruses and by that I missed parts of his great character when he spends the major part of the show behind the mic being the entertainer he is.

Nonetheless, the songs performed are nothing but extraordinary and this matter weighs in favor of the vocalist's lack of power in my point of view. Guitar player Henjo Richter has a beautiful way to express his things and the band's ongoing energy can't be ignored. I've seen Gamma Ray on many occasions earlier and personally I looked at this singer situation as something attractive that gave the entire appearance an opening to something different. During these difficult circumstances, I indeed think that the band passed the test and delivered.

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Rebellion In Dreamland and Blood Religion.
: Kai Hansen's voice.

See also: interview with Dirk Schlächter the same night

Welcome (intro)
Heaven Can Wait
Tribute To The Past
I Want Out
Future World (w/ Fabio Lione)
Empire Of The Undead (w/ Fabio Lione)
Time For Deliverance (w/ Fabio Lione)
Drum solo
Bass solo
Blood Religion
Master Of Confusion (w/ Frank Beck)
Rebellion In Dreamland (w/ Frank Beck)
Land Of The Free (w/ Frank Beck)
Man On A Mission (w/ Frank Beck)
To The Metal (w/ Frank Beck)
Send Me A Sign

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