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Reviewed by Thomas
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Storan
Date: 01 Dec 2006
Freak Kitchen setlength: 60 + 80 min.


Freak Kitchen

That fact that Freak Kitchen is popular in their hometown became obvious when they sold out the announced concert and had to put in an extra concert the following day, and that one was alsmost sold out as well. Freak Kitchen recorded their concert at Storan, the same place as Evergrey did with their excellent DVD, although this will not be as extravagant and visually explicit. But then Freak Kitchen and Evergrey is not the same kind of band either. However, with the atmosphere, the enthusiastic crowd and the smashing performance from the band I can already now recommend this future release.

The Freak guys were in a good mood as always, but they seemed to be in an even greater mood than usual this evening, I suppose being back home and in a sold out venue does that to you. The powerful trio gets going direct from the start and it is a cheerful and positive vibe that spreads through the audience. To describe guitarist IA on stage I would say that he is as we in Gothenburg say; "en go gubbe". And if you are Swedish you know what that means and that is not easy to translate, but I guess you could say that he is a jolly ol' chap or something like it. The band is always smiling, joking, and simply having fun on stage, it shows and it affects the audience.

It was not that much of screwing around with gadgets this time, that is usually something that make this band a little bit more, but as it turned out I didn't really miss any of it either since their performance was more than enough. Nevertheless, the dildo was back in the game and drummer Björn played Jingle Bells on his nose flute. The concert was divided into two sets, the first hour was a regular (if you can call anything from Freak Kitchen regular...) Freak Kitchen hard rocking set before a fifteen minute break. When the second set started, the stage was decorated with a christmas tree and the three guys were seated in the front of the stage to deliver a somewhat acoustic set with some tracks getting a kind of new sound. That created a great mood and I wouldn't have mind a couple of more of those before it was back to the grind for the final hour of Freak Kitchen. And what a finishing hour it was, all of the songs that I had been waiting for was lined up here so they really nailed the setlist down almost perfectly if you ask me.

They played a really good mix of songs that span from their entire career, so in that sense this will be a DVD to really look forward to. Moreover, if the ambience from this evening was successfully captured it will be an even greater release. As the concert went on the intensity and atmosphere got better all along, and it was good to begin with, so when they finally left the stage it felt like I wasn't the only one wanting more even though I left completely satisfied. This concert goes straight in to my top five list over concerts in 2006 and Freak Kitchen further strengthens their position as one of my favourite live acts.

8,5 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

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