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Reviewed by Thomas
Special guest: Biomechanical
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Sticky Fingers
Date: 20 Nov 2006
Bio-Mechanical setlength: 35 min.
Exodus setlength: 90 min.



This felt a bit unfair, to trying to do Biomechanical justice after have been blown away by Iron Maiden not more than an hour earlier. Maiden was great and as I was still melting those impressions it didn't make it easier for these british thrashers to impress me, but somehow they did.

I would describe Biomechanical's music as a combination of technical metal like Nevermore with more traditional Judas Priest influenced metal with a great deal of thrash in their music. The band did well and they seemed to be skilled as well, at least guitarist Jamie Hunt and vocalist John K that made the biggest impressions on me. Combining high-pitch Halford-esque vocals and vocals with a more aggressive tone, he made the music come to life and on top of the thrash kicking with some Fear Factory minding rhythms, this turned out really well.

Biomechanical appear to have some good songs but you probably need to listen to them a couple of times before they stick, or perhaps have a mind not clouded by Iron Maiden. At one point the thrashing metal could appear to be totally chaotic and in another moment to be classic melodic metal, a mix that calls for further exploring from my side from a band that I think we may very well hear more of in the future. And it was a great move of them to end with Painkiller by Judas Priest, as it got the not so enthusiastic crowd going wild, and I believe that because of that Biomechanical is a name that some of them will remember, even if there are there own things they ought to be remembered by.

5 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)



Shovel Headed Kill Machine is the title of their latest album, and the more I think of it the better that title fits Exodus' live performances. With no compromises and a take no prisoner's attitude they shovel their way through and, excuse my language, they fucking kill live. Basically this was very similar to the last time they played in Gothenburg, (the exact same date a year a go to be precise, review here) apart from a few changes in the setlist. Rob Dukes on vocals still seemed to be pissed off to the brink screaming his lungs out and once again proving that he is a worthy successor to the bands former vocalists. And Gary Holt, the backbone of Exodus, looked like he was having the time of his life, smiling and banging head on stage while thrashing away with his guitar.

To say that Exodus is an intense band live is an understatement, they start at full speed and then they only keep on going with no slowing down in sight. The opening song, the classic Bonded By Blood, set the mood and then it was all go with mostly new songs but also some occasional old songs thrown in every once in a while like Piranha and Lesson In Violence. And talk about violence, the moshing and spontaneous stage diving might have looked rather vicious at times but that is how it goes. Even if I am not one that jumps into a moshing, it felt appropriate that it was going on and it further felt to fuel the band as well as the audience.

The band seemed to be pleased by that so many showed up despite the late hour, despite it being Monday and even though Iron Maiden played earlier the same night. Moreover, it was a better turn up with the crowd than what I would have thought even if wasn't packed in any sense. The performance from the band was more or less flawless but Lee Altus on guitar seemed not to be in his best mood. He looked a bit pale and complaining on the air-conditioning and wanted it turned off as he was freezing, I guess he had come down with a cold or something like that. And Jack Gibson on bass didn't seem to enjoy the guys climbing up on stage to indulge in some diving, and if he could he pushed them down before they got up on stage. Therefore, you can say that Exodus kicked ass in more then one sense this evening.

In all this was a very nice evening for me, starting with Trivium opening for Maiden in a splendid manor, going on with watching Maiden making magic, then on to the next venue to see Biomechanical warm up for Exodus before they ended my evening in true furious thrash style. And hey, I still miss Toxic Waltz by the way.

8 chalices of 10


Bonded By Blood
I Am Abomination
Scar Spangled Banner
And Then There Were none
Last Act Of Definance
A Lesson in Violence
.44 Magnum Opus
Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Fabulous Disaster
War Is My Shepherd
Strike Of The Beast

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