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Reviewed by Mozzy
City: Sundsvall, Sweden
Venue: Avenyn
Date: December 19, 2009
Set length: 80 min

Electric Boys

Following last summer´s triumphant festival gigs in Sweden, Electric Boys have continued their celebrated comeback trail during the autumn. Having been offered a support slot to none other than Alice Cooper in November, the seminal funk rockers embarked on yet another short trek through their home country, also taking the opportunity to squeeze in a couple of club headline gigs. Tonight is one of those chosen occasions; in due consequence, anticipation soon grows high among the gathering at Sundsvall´s Avenyn - an intimate, cosy venue most suitable for a rock evening of this kind.

Finally, the band appear from a side door, led by frontman Conny Bloom, wine glass in hand. Opening with one of their staples, Psycadelic Eyes, the boys go for the throat. Said brilliant tune is followed by tracks just as appealing, such as Knee Deep In You and Groovus Maximus. And while the number of quality songs at the band's disposal is impressive, their attributes also make them ideally equipped for a live environment. Indeed, 'Groovus Maximus' is a good moniker as any of Electric Boys at their best; the music simply grooves and swings like a drunkard trying to cross a rope bridge in a full-blooded storm.

Duly, after a somewhat laid-back atmosphere initially, the crowd really gets going, making for a splendid rock n' roll party. During a more renowned song like Rags To Riches, there is an elated sing-along. The band members are visibly inspired and respond in kind, none more so than the unquestionable centre of attention - Conny Bloom. One of those rock stars who have that obvious aura and charisma, the curly-haired singer/guitarist is in his element, occasionally swapping his guitar for a tambourine, all the while keeping the audience wrapped around his finger.

That said, the band is a most efficient unit, with Niclas Sigevall (drums), Andy Christell (bass) and Franco Santunione (guitar) all contributing with fundamental chops. Hollywood resident (a fact which an amused Bloom highlights more than once tonight) Sigevall perhaps get noticed the most, his trademark powerful drumming creating a solid base for the irresistible grooves.

As a first encore we are given a treat - a new song from the upcoming album. At first listen, the track does not sound that spectacular, but nonetheless it wets the appetite for a new release from the Swedes in their original line-up. Then, the concluding number and biggest hit All Lips And Hips serves as a brilliant finale to a great evening, making the crowd screaming for more. Certainly, saying that the return of Electric Boys as a live band is welcome is a big understatement. Shall we say same place, same time next year, then?

8 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

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