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Reviewed by David
Gates Of Metal
Stora Scenen
Date: 06 Aug 2005
Setlength: 90 minutes



Edguy… they are quite hard to label. Happy, melodic and funny, but also sometimes mystic, hard and speedy. My expectations were high, to say the least. Edguy was the (then quite unexpected) highlight on Metaltown 04. Then they only had one hour to play, now they would get 90 minutes. And if they delivered? Indeed! Tobias Sammet is once again in a really good mood (I start to suspect that this is not a coincident…). He is sure one of the strongest shining stage personalities and front men there is out there today. Dressed as a cowboy, he jumps around like Bruce Dickinson on speed and holds the crowd in a tight grip through the whole set. Sometimes it is as much comedy as concert. But in this also lies a weakness. The extra 30 minutes, compared to the last show in Sweden at Metaltown, are filled with a lot of talking, showing off and an unnecessary drum solo. Mixed with all that, I think the setlist is almost the same… A few surprises would not hurt.

Why end the show with the perhaps least great song from Vain Glory Opera? Why not play something from the Avantasia-records? Half of the set is from Hellfire Club. I love that album, so that is not a problem as such, but I would prefer a better mix from the back catalogue anyway. That is why I take two points off the grade for an otherwise absolutely brilliant show! Masterplan, look and learn! Edguy (and especially Sammet) have that little extra that makes a great live act. They have fun! And they make sure that everyone else also will have fun with them.

Sammet makes a bit fun of Manowar's image as a 'true' metal band. But actually I think it's more of a self-ironic way to say 'fuck off' to those who think that Edguy is the symbol of over-melodic power metal. Musically the band has improved quite remarkably since I saw them as support for Hammerfall in 1999. Drummer Felix "Boom Boom" Bohnke does actually impress me (except for that boring solo…) and Jens Ludwig delivers a couple of great solos. Tobi himself has a unique character and broad range in his voice. Last year at Metaltown, the rain stopped for an hour when Edguy came on stage, here at Gates of Metal, God gets even when the rain actually starts during their show. But that doesn't matter when the band keep you warm. Actually it is hard to describe an Edguy-concert in words. You just got to see it yourself!

8 chalices of 10


1. Under The Moon
2. Navigator
3. Land Of The Miracle
4. Lavatory Love Machine
5. Babylon
6. Vain Glory Opera
7. (drum solo)
8. Mysteria
9. The Piper Never Dies
10. King Of Fools
11. Tears Of A Mandrake
12. Out Of Control

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