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Reviewed by Mozzy
Tour name: Europa Burns 2008
Special guests: Methedras + Devilish Impressions
City: London
Venue: The Underworld
Date: March 30, 2008
Methedras set length: 40 min
Devilish Impressions set length: 40 min
Dismember set length: 65 min


It does not come as a surprise when the singer Claude F. of Italian thrashers Methedras proclaims that the band are big fans of Testament (he is also sporting a Forbidden t-shirt). In fact, two songs written by the Bay Area legends are played; D.N.R. and Down For Life; both of which raise the heat down on the floor. A rendition of Machine Head's Davidian has the same effect. Although the highlights in their set comes in the form of cover tunes, the five piece's own material - quite technical thrash metal mixed with some death metal ingredients - has its moments, albeit not being anywhere near the standard of that of their heroes, obviously. In my opinion, Claude's vocals are rather monotonous as well. Definitely to Methedras credit, however, is their apparent enthusiasm and high energy on stage.

6 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

Devilish Impressions

The Polish black metal combo Devilish Impressions received fine reviews for their latest album Diabolicanos, but sadly I have to say that their set fails to convince me. The ...err...impression that springs to mind is a worse copy of countrymen Behemoth, although Devilish Impressions incorporate some - rather vacant -gothic-style keyboards in their songs. Front man Quazarre even has a striking resemblance to Nergal of Behemoth, both in looks and demeanour. Despite an intense effort, the Poles get a lukewarm reception from the crowd. To their defence, it has to be said that their spot on the bill, between two bands whose music is more direct, does not do them any favours.

4 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)


After strolling onto the stage in the most unpretentious manner, headliners Dismember unleash their patented, murderous sound; the aptly titled Death Conquers All turning the front rows into a mass of flying manes. The material from the new, self-titled release - their best effort in a long time - goes down a storm. Songs such as the colossal Europa Burns, the relentless Legion, and Under A Bloodred Sky; with its pleasant Maiden-esque twin-guitar section; are more than worthy of a place in the set along classics like Skinfather and Pieces. Also noteworthy is that the loss of drummer Fred Estby, who was an integral component of Dismember, goes unnoticed: his replacement Thomas Daun may be of a tiny frame, but he sure gives his skins a vicious and precise treatment.

The death metal institution from Stockholm is always an entertaining bunch to watch live. While headbanging like there is no tomorrow, they like having a laugh with each other and the audience. Clearly, these blokes love what they do, and long may they continue to do so. Prior to the classy closing number Dreaming In Red, Matti Kärki proudly shows off the Judas Priest, Motörhead and Iron Maiden flags neatly placed on the Marshall stacks. "These are our heroes", informs the cheerful throat tormentor. And as a band who are perfectly happy to stick to their winning formula, simply going about their business without any fuss or nonsense, what better role models could you possibly have? Indeed, tonight The Underworld was treated to a damn fine dose of - to use the catchy slogan coined by fellow Swedes Arch Enemy - pure fucking metal.

8 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)

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