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Reviewed by Mozzy
Special guests: Anvil
City: Sundsvall, Sweden
Venue: Club Deströyer
Date: February 27, 2016
Anvil set length: 60 minutes
Dirkschneider set length: 120 minutes


After Bulgarians Rampart, who play some fine heavy/power metal that does the job to warm up the crowd, it is time for the special guests. Many were excited when Anvil were announced to support Dirkschneider, adding to an already appetizing evening. As I approach the stage for the usual opening number March Of The Crabs, only drummer Robb Reiner and bassist Chris Robinson is visible.

Wondering where frontman Steve 'Lips' Kudlow is, he is soon spotted down on the floor with the crowd in the front, playing among the thrilled spectators with a wide grin on his face. A very cool move indeed, and returning to the stage, Lips and his bandmates deliver a strong set that includes usual Anvil classics as well a couple of tracks off the brand new album Anvil Is Anvil. Fan favourite Free As The Wind, recently put in the setlist, is great to hear and is introduced by Lips' dedicating it to Lemmy.

Robinson, who joined in late 2014, is a good addition, being an outgoing performer and skilful player. Together with the always impressive, outstanding Reiner, the duo forms a rock-solid backbone. Lips, then, is his usual self - very competent at what he does and a most entertaining frontman you just love watching. "Can you believe I will be 60 in a couple of days?", the Canadian asks the crowd, and it sure isn't something you think of given the high enthusiasm and energy he displays.

The audience gives Anvil a warm reception from start to finish, and there is a loud singalong to the standard closing number, the awesome classic Metal On Metal.

Performance: 7,5 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8 chalices of 10
: To finally hear Free As The Wind live
: The momentum dips a bit during Zombie Apocalypse

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March Of The Crabs
Ooh Baby
Badass Rock 'n' Roll
Winged Assassins
Free As The Wind
Zombie Apocalypse
Swing Thing (with drum solo)
Die For A Lie
Metal On Metal


Last year, Udo Dirkschneider, formerly in Accept and in U.D.O. since, announced that he would do a tour under the banner Dirkschneider. The setlist would consist of just Accept songs and it would be the last time Udo performed Accept material live. That the Swedish dates included Sundsvall in Northern Sweden (credit to organisers Club Deströyer for that booking) created a buzz and the gig sold out a few months ago.

The excitement in the venue is apparent, and following opener Starlight there is loud singing to Living For Tonite, something that is repeated during virtually every song. It's rare to experience such a loud and frequent audience participation that is the case during Dirkschenider tonight.

The setlist is a wet dream and it is hard to single out highlights as every number is great and generates an excited response. The jam-packed, sweaty crowd is having a brilliant time, euphoric even, and smiles can be seen on everyone's face. Swedish metalheads, just like those in other countries, have had a fond place in their metal hearts for Accept since the early 80´s and tonight provides a perfect opportunity to celebrate these cherished heavy metal tunes.

And while the current Accept is still an excellent band and Udo's replacement Mark Tornillo does a good job, it is of course a treat to hear the songs with the original, inimitable voice. That voice of Udo's is in a good shape and he seems to really enjoy singing the old material.

The singer's colleagues onstage, who include his son Sven on drums, are not the most colourful but they put in a committed, competent effort and the combined sound is powerful. The key factor tonight, however, is the songs and the joy they create.

A five-song encore with massive anthems concludes an amazing heavy metal set (just look at the setlist below!) consisting of no less than 24 numbers, which is impressive in itself. Without doubt, this performance will be memorable for the metalheads witnessing it.

Performance: 9 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8 chalices of 10
: The classic tunes
: A guitar solo after the glorious Head Over Heels is a real low-point, though it is sure necessary as a breather for Udo

Living For Tonite
Flash Rockin' Man
London Leatherboys
Midnight Mover
Head Over Heels
Neon Nights
Princess Of The Dawn
Restless And Wild
Son Of A Bitch
Up To The Limit
Wrong Is Right
Midnight Highway
Screaming For A Love-Bite
Losers And Winners
TV War
Metal Heart
I'm A Rebel
Fast As A Shark
Balls To The Wall

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