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Reviewed by Michael the MettleAngel
Special guest: Chimaira, Soilent Green
City: Cleveland, Ohio
Venue: House Of Blues
Date: 19 June 2008
Soilent Green set length: 30 minutes
Chimaira set length: 40 minutes
Dethklok set length: 70 minutes

Dethklok claim to be the biggest band on the planet, in the animated world; the twelfth largest economy, in fact. There is no dispute, that they draw a sizable crowd of devoted youth, when they tour as actual musicians, including: Brendan Small, Gene Hoglan, Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller. Dethklok has taken America by storm consistently selling out almost every show. Wendy and I saw them in Cleveland a few weeks ago, where the House of Blues was absolutely packed beyond capacity. The opulant restrooms, like a five star hotel, doled out "free" mints, gum, shaving cream, certain sybaritic necessities for your common Lothario, and other sundries; while a servant would hand you a towel, expecting a sizable tip. It was truly a surreal evening of deth-like madness and mayhem.

Soilent Green

First to open, and build fear to this evening's metal overture, were New Orleans' own sludgehounds of the new repugnant - Soilent Green. Fronted by Goatwhore's own L. Ben Falgoust II, these growl lords of rollercoaster rhythms, handed down a slapfuck of foul, black, imperfect works, culled from years of empirical melancholia. Focusing on their latest epic: Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction, Ben and his bane brethren eschewed sewn mouth secretions of apathy and confrontation in the 'rock/paper/scissors' hand over fist fashion. The crowd whipped into a frenzy, set the standard for what was to ensue.

Check this band out live, you won't be disappointed, they are truly original, sophisticated, and sick! Think Raging Slab, meets Galactic Cowboys, with a hint of Brutal Truth, & Exhorder.

7 chalices of 10


Mental Acupuncture
Blessed In the Arms of Servitude
Sewn Mouth Secrets
For Lack of Perfect Words
Build Fear


The never silent lambs of godforsaken slaughter received an awesome welcome, playing in their hometown. Mark Hunter and his black hearted band of brazen abbotts ripped right into the angst and vitriolic vibe of the Ressurection. With demonic drumming by Andy Herrick emulating Dave Lombardo and Chris Adler, killer key samples hammering in the nine inch nails by Chris Spicuzza, and the tandem guitar shred effect of Matt DeVries and Rob Arnold, the crowd erupted into a metallic storm of chaos preparing for the Metalocalypse.

We only witnessed the first four songs, as we had to interview Ben of Soilent Green, and I wanted to converse with Gene Hoglan. From what I heard from fans after the show, these Pantera prodigies did not disappoint.

-- chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)



As soon as the animation commenced upon the huge white screen, behind the main stage, and the familiar voices of: Nathan Explosion, Pickles, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Tolki Wartooth, & William Murderface began to bellow in a skit of skiddish remarks, everyone knew that the thunderhorse had arrived.

The Detheme began to play, and the real men of valor took the stage, playing at maximum volume. It appeared quite strange as Mike Keneally, who has worked with Steve Vai, looked old enough to be half the audience's grandfather. This did not deter fans from mouthing every word.

We were only able to remain in the photo pit, momentarily, as the throng of violent nature overwhelmed us. Too many crowd surfers pummelled the bouncers, who could not control the vehemence. Thankfully, we were escorted to the balcony box (the really high price seating), where we were able to enjoy the show, and Wendy was able to achieve some excellent photos.
As each song was played with a truly live feel, the imagess from the Adult Swim overnite sensation coincided with the appropriate song. Although, in some cases the cartoons were definitely unrated showing nudity, perverse violence, and expressive expletives.

The band took several breaks, which allowed for the on screen skits to continue, with animation not seen on the popular TV show. One of which was rather amusing, was the Bathroom Skit, with its planet piss like frustrations, and soul flushing imagery.

All the classics from the Dethalbum were timely performed with intricate precision. Gene "The Machine" Hoglan had a headset to keep in time with the visual orchestrations. As the show was drawing to a close Brendan actually did the voices of Nathan, Pickles, & Skwisgaar live as he commented on overflowing lakes, and the high crime rate of Cleveland as being, aptly put, "Brutal!".

After the show, as the crowd disippated, I noticed the bloodsoaked floor with shattered shards of glass, and a menagerie of metal like objects scattered. Since this was The House Of Blues, I was astonished that such violent carnage had occured. I even witnessed a man with no legs trudging toward the door, almost trampled by the enthusiastic masses, eager to purchase even more overpriced Dethmerch.

Dethklok truly have become the next big thing in America, but how long will it last? Wendy & I attended a HateBreed show other night, and I spoke with a fan who did not know who Dethklok were, then again he did not know who Possessed were either, as he stard at my Beyond The Gates shirt! He did know who Chimaira were, at least.

Metal has changed and evolved a great deal over the last three decades, I'm just pleased I'm always able to actively participate in it's many avenues of totality and originality.

7,5 chalices of 10


Intro Skit
Briefcase Full Of Guts
Birthday Dethday
Facebones Skit #1 (Behind the Scenes)
Skit 2 (Moshing)
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
Go Forth and Die
Bathroom Skit
Eyes Skit/Electrocution
Go Into the Water
Encore: Fan Song

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