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Reviewed by Thomas
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe
Date: 13 May 2005


Destiny release party

Friday the thirteenth, the day of bad luck. And also the day when the Gothenburg based band Destiny was holding a release party for their new album and fortunately it wasn't that much that went wrong this evening despite the date. To call Beyond All Sense 2005 a new album might perhaps be a little wrong since it was the debut album from Destiny as early as in 1985, only released in 2000 copies on vinyl (that was the format those days) and now the time seems to be right to put those songs out again, newly recorded with the present line-up and a much better sound.

The release party took place at the second floor of the newly opened Hard Rock Café in Gothenburg, and one can wonder where the hard rock in Hard Rock Café is when the first music I hear when I reach the bar is Lionel Richie, but that is a matter I will have to come back to some other time. The stage Destiny had to perform on was ridiculously small but that didn't seem to bother the guys which despite bad sound did a great job presenting some of their new material.

Five tracks were delivered by Destiny from their new album. Three that were on the original release and two songs that were written in the early eighties but have gotten new lyrics from vocalist Kristoffer Göbel. I noticed that bass player Stefan Björnshög looked a bit stiff and concentrated and I though that it was because he had no place to move around on stage but as it turned out his amplifier broke down just before the show and he had to play the songs in a correct manor without being able to hear what he actually was playing. And even if these kinds of gigs tend to be short I could have easily swallowed a couple of more songs.


Kill The Witch
Ode To You
No Way Out
Rest In Peace

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