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Reviewed by David
Special guest: ?
City: Copenhagen, Denmark
Venue: KB Hallen
Date: 13 July 2009
Deep Purple set length: 95 minutes

Deep Purple

It was hot as hell in KB Hallen this evening. The air condition - if there even existed any such thing - could not deliver the slightest wave of fresh air to the full numbered crowd. Sweat poured unstoppably down my back while I just stood still, waiting for Deep Purple to arrive on stage. I was amazed that no one seemed to collapse, as far as I could see. But I guess the large consumption of beer this Monday evening helped the Danish to breathe somehow.

Opening act was a Danish glam band that was not advertised anywhere - not on the ticket, not on the website (neither Deep Purple's nor the venue's) and not from stage. Further they had no backdrop and only spoke too fast Danish for me to follow and perhaps catch a name. Not even the Danish lady beside me knew who they were. So I will not attempt to review them here, just state this strange feeling of watching something you cannot put a name on.

Soon enough the main act entered, without any unnecessary fuss. If you have been following Deep Purple for the last few years I guess the setlist offered few surprises. I could have survived with a few more recent songs, and I missed a couple of classics like Speedking, Bloodsucker and Demon's Eye. When it comes to Lazy on the other hand, I am just happy they left it out this time, knowing that while writing that I'll step on holy ground for some people.

No news at all, but Ian Gillan's voice is not what it has been. He did an honourable job with what he still got, but there was some edge missing here and there. But he weighted that up with a shining smile and heavy sweating through the set - he is still a charismatic frontman. The good humour goes for all, by the way. Those fellows simply seem to still have fun together on stage. Or perhaps more fun than ever…

The highlights of the set were The Battle Rages On and Perfect Strangers, while pieces like Space Truckin', Smoke On The Water and Hush came as quite foreseeable bonuses. It might seem a bit overkill with solos from all the instrumentalists on stage, but the fact is that none of them were as painfully long as a regular drum- or guitar solo from a random band. And here we got the best of the best of course, which helps a bit. Also Deep Purple paid a tribute to the late pop legend Michael Jackson, with a few chords from Billie Jean.

This was perhaps not the magic night at Sweden Rock Festival 2006 revisited, but it was sure hot in many ways.

7 chalices of 10


Highway Star
Things I Never Said
Wrong Man
Strange Kind of Woman
Rapture of the Deep
(guitar solo)
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Wring That Neck
The Battle Rages On
(keyboard solo)
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin'
Smoke On the Water
(drum solo)
(bass solo)

Black Night

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