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Reviewed by Mozzy
City: Sundsvall, Sweden
Venue: Stadshuset
Date: April 16, 2011
Set length: 80 min

Danko Jones

This is the third time in as many years that Danko Jones grace Sundsvall with their presence. Overall, the Canadian trio has been frequent visitors of Sweden, either as headliners or a support act, therefore steadily adding more people to their fan base. Following a rather average warm-up set by Beast, the hall starts to fill up, although this show is not quite sold-out. After AC/DC's Hells Bells serves as the intro, the three rockers take to the stage.

The atmosphere during the first couple of songs is rather quiet, and no real impact is created from the stage. Things soon start to happen though; when the music pauses and frontman Danko Jones, after whom the band is named of course, makes his first speech and introduces First Date, the place erupts. Now there's some serious rocking out going on, and this continues during Bad Thoughts, another great number.

Then, it loses momentum a bit. Danko Jones really have a string of brilliant tunes, but the lesser known songs, while definitely being good rock songs, do not appeal nearly as much. And as they are very similar in structure, some compositions tend to merely drift by without making that much notice. Tonight's set contains most hits from the band, but the quality nonetheless dips here and there. However, as regards to the atmosphere, things are largely on a high throughout the gig.

Besides the music, a Danko Jones show has another element which is guaranteed to offer great fun. Danko himself, after whom the band is named of course, is known as one the great entertainers in today's rock scene. The Canadian is also a well-known spoken-word artist, and that he feels at home onstage talking to an audience is indeed a big understatement. Between songs, he takes every opportunity to stir up the crowd. He comments on a guy's shirt by saying that "that's something my dad would wear" and blasts another one's haircut. He is also amused by the toilet situated next to the stage, urging everyone to "hold it in, it's keeps you on your toes".

It is absolutely marvellous, cheeky stage banter by Jones, but it's all tongue-in-cheek and has warmth which really connects with the audience, who love every minute. On the whole, this element of the show - the humour/entertainment one - very much weighs up those dips in the musical department. It creates an awesome atmosphere which makes the crowd rock out even more to the adrenaline-filled, punk-fueled rock on offer.

And the band certainly give an energised performance, with the intensely working Jones dripping with sweat. Undeniably, he steals most of, if not all of, the spotlight from his bandmates. Still, bassist John Calabrese and drummer Dan Cornelius are most important cogs in the machine, providing energy too while contributing tremendous groove.

Had Enough, a brilliant tune from the latest album, nearly raises the roof at the end of the set. Then, after loud chants for more, the band returns for a few more songs, upholding the party mood. As regards to the overall show, all elements included, this is certainly an impressive display. On a Saturday party night especially, Danko Jones is a splendid fit, a band that never fails to deliver a large dose of rock n´roll entertainment.

7,5 chalices of 10


The Rules
Play The Blues
Active Volcanoes
Forget My Name
Sticky Situation
First Date
I Think Bad Thoughts
Mango Kid
Full Of Regret
Sugar Chocolate
Sugar High
Way To My Heart
Had Enough
Code Of The Road
She's Drugs
Samuel Sin

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