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Reviewed by David
Special guest: Young Guns
City: Malmö, Sweden
Venue: KB
Date: 14 October 2010
Young Guns set length: 35 minutes
Danko Jones set length: 75 minutes

Danko Jones

Actually it started a bit half-hearted. Just another day on the road. Four songs were handled straight away. But as soon as the band took a small break and Danko himself started to talk it got hotter and hotter. Danko could as well have had a career as a stand up comedian. He snorted with adrenaline and energy while interacting with the crowd in a wide range of different subjects.

He had 'tattooed' the letters MFF on his arm, standing for the local football team. He argued with someone in the crowd very lengthy on why they can't play Suicide Woman. He stated that this is a family oriented show and that Danko Jones is a sellout band who just wants to make more money. He explained that First Date is not really about kissing... He took off the phrase 'jävla bra' (fucking great) from a guy in the audience and used it here and there in his speeches.

He suddenly noticed the fish tank in the back corner of the club, and wondered if it had been there the first ten times the band have been in Malmö. He didn't think it would work in Copenhagen, because drunk, crazy Danes would throw themselves in there, or something like that. To cut the crap short, everytime Danko opened his mouth it was a blast.

But starting with Sticky Situation there was suddenly more crotch in the playing as well. After the initial warm up, the band now started to really rock the balls off the place. KB was packed to the limit this evening. The audience expected a party, got it and played along wholeheartedly.

Danko Jones has many catchy and simple rock'n'roll songs, but one is a bit above the others. First Date caused a stir and sing-along that was something extra. Only Dance could live up to something like that. But a few of the newer songs like Code Of The Road and Tonight Is Fine did grow a couple of notches with the live rawness. If I missed anything it was the title tracks from We Sweat Blood and Sleep Is The Enemy.

Danko Jones is one of a few live bands of interest that I just have missed too many times, although they are in Sweden quite often. This was, for various reasons, the first time I saw the Canadians since Metaltown 2006. I fully understand those who return more frequently than that and intend to join their clan.

9 chalices of 10


I Think Bad Thoughts
Active Volcanoes
Play The Blues
Forget My Name
Sticky Situation
Coad Of The Road
First Date
Had Enough
Baby Hates Me
Full Of Regret
Sugar Chocolate
Sugar High
The Mountain
Tonight Is Fine
Samuel Sin

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