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Special guest: Electric Eel Shock
City: Gothenburg
Venue: Chalmers Kårhus
Date: 7 Nov. 2003
Headline setlength: 60 min.


Danko Jones

The title We Sweat Blood on the new album from this trio seems to be suitable for their live-performances, Danko Jones is a real hardworking band on stage.

There is are flashy light-shows or other tricks to come out of a show with Danko Jones, all you get is three guys on stage bashing out heavy metal ´n´ roll for all what they are worth. Back to basic both with lightning that consists only of white spotlights and bluesrooted metal music that really isn't that complicated, but the feeling you get is that this is for real and when the band plays as tight as they do they makes it all really convincing.

What we in the crowd got was an energetic and intense concert with lots of good songs, both new as well as older and I really liked the mix of the songs and from what I could see so did most of the others in the crowd as well. I can honestly say that all the songs that I wanted to hear I also got to hear so there is no need to complain in that department, I just think that they could have saved the best to last with the song Lovercall. Instead of The Cross as one of three encore songs that turned out to be a fabulous live song when it didn't sound as raw and noisy as on album, but I think that Lovercall would have been better at that point of the show.

There might be just three of them but they make it sound like there was many more of on stage, but it is Danko himself who is the one that is the natural center of gravity on stage. John Calabrese on bass and Damon Richardson on drums does an incredible great work on stage but it is Danko Jones with his "preaching" and talking, not as much as usual though, between the songs with a cocky self-certain glimpse in the eye kind of attitude that makes this band something out of the ordinary to watch live.

Live is how you are supposed to enjoy the music from Danko Jones, on record it doesn't come out the way it ought to. Even if this the second time for me of enjoyment with Danko wasn't as good as their ass-kicking performance at Sweden Rock Festival earlier this summer they are rapidly climbing on my list of the greatest live acts there is to see.

But on the downside, yup, there are some things with a negative nature as well that I has to mention, it would just have been to swell if there wasn't something that was wrong. The concert didn't "explode" the way that I had expected, I thought that there would be some more fire and passion and perhaps it could have been if they had played some more. Ok, I'm well aware of that their songs are short in general and the show was in fact very energetic, but only one hour of playing time, hello! It almost took me just as long only to get there and back from my waterhole.

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