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Reviewed by Tommy
Special guest: Dew Scented + Grave + Aborted + Vesania + Hurtlocker
City: Groningen, The Netherlands
Venue: Vera
Date: 03 February 2006
Grave setlength: 45 minutes
Cryptopsy setlength: 60 minutes


The Domination Tour 2006, a very brutal package consisting of Cryptopsy, Dew Scented, Grave, Aborted, Vesania, Hurtlocker arrived to town and the only real reason to why I decided to check it out was because of classic swedish death metallers Grave. I was not especially interested in Aborted/Vesania/Hurtlocker so I decided to go in time for Dew Scented. As it happened, I estimated it wrong and I showed up just when Dew Scented stepped off the stage. No big deal really, since they are not one of my favourites anyway. Then the idea was to see Grave and then head home since I did not think Cryptopsy would make me especially happy. Oh, how wrong I was....



I had not heard much from Grave for a long time and I honestly did now know if they were still active or not before I saw the announcement of this show. Going back around 15 years, they are a long running act of the swedish scene and one of the pioneers. After quite some changes of members, the vocal duties are nowadays handled by guitarist Ola Lindgren instead of departed original vocalist Jörgen Sandström. Playing as a three-piece tonight they put on a decent show with good songs but the show lacked that little extra to make it stand out.

All the old classics from the albums Into The Grave and You'll Never See were great to hear. It is a slightly different thing when not sung with the original vocalist though, since Ola Lindgren is not quite on the same level, but still good enough. There were a lot of sound problems during their gig and the guys were obviusly irritated over that fact and when guitars start breaing down in the middle of songs so people have to rush in and hand over another one, I can imagine that they are not in the brightest of moods. Nice to see old heroes, and they did what they could under the circumstances, but they did not impress.

(Sorry, no setlist)

6 chalices of 10



Based in Montreal and founded in 1992, Cryptopsy have sold over 275,000 albums/cd's to date. Said to be reinventing and redefining metal’s boundaries, Cryptopsy are recognized worldwide for infusing extreme music with awe-inspiring precision and rabidly dynamic rhythms.

Canadian extreme metallers Cryptopsy suprised me in a very positive way. I really did not think this would be good, considering from what I have heard from their albums. I think their are a bit too messy, unstructured with way too grunting vocals and just simply too much for me. But after the initial songs I ended up staying the concert out and I enjoyed myself to the max. I have to bow to the routine these guys have, as it was tight as hell. Every little stop and break was synchronised to the smallest millisecond and it was impressive. Extremely intense and the venue was boiling. The sound could have been slightly better but overall it was good. Pretty clear and crisp and with dynamic heaviness.

It was a pleasure and one of the highlights of the show to behold the impressive technical guitarplaying from Alex Auburn. What I on albums think is too messy and chaotic was a blast to see live. It was a great show, save the vocals which I think drag down the sound picture a bit by being so extreme. With great charisma they make up for what I personally feel sometimes is song material on an average level. I advise you to check them out if they come to a town near you. After this leg of the tour, the band will be teaming up with Exodus and Immolation for a few East Coast dates in late April and later on do a small australian tour in May.

(Sorry, no setlist)

8 chalices of 10

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