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Reviewed by guest reviewer Patrik
Photo by Michael
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Arenan
Date: 03 Mar 2005
Moonspell set length: 30 Minutes
Cradle of Filth set length: 90 minutes

All pictures are © Michael Finnermark.
Please contact him and ask for permission before using any of the pictures.




I don't really know what to write about this Portugese Death Metal band. Moonspell actually managed warming up the crowd as many of them were shooting their fists into the air to the music. Neither the singer or the guitarists had any contact with the crowd. The singer talked way to much inbetween songs about completely unrelated stuff. But in the end I thought they did a very good show. I especially liked when their singer took
a pair of drumsticks and played on the cymbals in rythm to the song. He shouldn't have done it for the 16 bars or so he did.
But rather four-eight.

5 Chalices of 10
(5 Chalices of 10 - Michael)

(Sorry, no setlist)


Cradle Of Filth

I had long awaited the arrival of Cradle of Filth. Ever since I saw their DVD 'Heavy Left Handed and Candid' over at a friends house maybe 1½-2 years ago. And now it was time. Lights were all down as 'Satyriasis' was roaring from the speakers and they entered the stage. Wearing makeup the same way they were in 1991 when the band was formed to respond to Norways black metal scene. And that was what they played back then.

End of the intro and they started playing 'Gilded Cunt'(one of my favourites from the new album, which probably can be understood by the text on the back of the longsleeved t-shirt I bought. It says with all capital letters: GILDED CUNT), the first real track from their latest release, Nymphetamine. Dani jumped up on stage and started singing the first verse. With earplugs in it sounded like the singing was mostly done by the crowd and not by Dani. It could be because I was standing in the middle of the crowd and headbanging and not in the back taking notes. Whats the fun in that? Two gargoyle "statues", standing on each side of Adrians drumkit, started moving to the song. Looking really silly they approached Dani and started caressing him..

After the song 'Nemesis' they played the songs 'Mannequin'(Damnation and a Day "2003"), 'The Black Godess Rises'(The Princess of Darkness "1999"), 'A Gothic Romance'(Sodomizing the Virgin Vamps "1997"), all feeling very black metal inspired and truly dark. Coming to the title track, 'Nymphetamine', Liv Kristines vocal part was done by Sarah Deva. Dani sang in a mic dingling from the roof, the same mic that can be seen in the video, and he was looking as cool as always. Two more songs were performed and they walked off the stage. And a large creature wandered up on stage. Just standing and washing its big hands back and forth to the intro of Damnation and A Day, 'A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon', and the band came up again.

After 'Promise of Fever'(Damnation), 'Thirteen Autumns'(Cruelty and the Beast "1998") and 'Mother of Abominations'(Nymphetamine "2004"), they went back off the stage again. And after a minute or two of the crowds cheering for more, the big creature came up. Looking slightly different he stood again waving about. when the melodic intro for 'From The Cradle to Enslave'(From The Cradle to Enslave "1999") he went off and Adrian and Dave Pybus's replacement bassplayer came up and together started playing the drum and bass parts of the intro. And James and Paul came up for
their parts of the song. The Guitarmelody was heard throughout the whole song and it sounded great. Dani was jumping around on stage and singing and shrieking.

I can't wait for the release of their next album and the following tour.

9 Chalices of 10
(6 Chalices of 10 - Michael)


Satyriasis (Intro)
Gilded Cunt
The Black Godess Rises
A Gothic Romance
Her Ghost In The Fog
Tortured Souls
A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon (Intro)
Promise of Fever
Thirteen Autumns And A Widow
Mother Of Abominations
From The Cradle To Enslave

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