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Reviewed by Tobbe
Special guest: Badmouth + Hollywood Vampires
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Klubben
Date: 20 June 2011
Hollywood Vampires set length: 28 minutes
Badmouth set length: 27 minutes
Cinderella set length: 71 minutes

Hollywood Vampires

First up on stage this Monday night was Norwegian quintet Hollywood Vampires. The club was about half full when they entered the stage with their punkish rock metal and they played a mix of good and not so good songs. With limited space the frontman rocked like never before and the band played like this was their last gig ever. When standing on the floor I felt a bit like being back on the no age limit rock club in my younger days.

4 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)


Next up was Sweden's own Badmouth. They opened this show with a new song and all of their first three songs of their light heavy metal felt a bit weak, but on the other hand, their last three songs felt like the opposite and were all strong songs. The bassist was this band's front figure as he was trying to get the crowd rocking thoughout the whole show, but I think the lead vocalist should really try to rock more as his feet were frozen to the stage floor and his interaction with the crowd was almost non existing.

Just like with Hollywood Vampires, I had never heard Badmouth before, but quite a few people rocked hard and seemed to enjoy their show to the full. To play as support act to a well established band like Cinderella is tough, but at least they tried hard.

4,5 chalices of 10

(sorry, no setlist)


As Cinderella is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album, Night Songs, they are doing a short European tour and luckily one show is to be played in Stockholm, Sweden. Last time they played in this city was two decades ago, so their return is most wanted by the fans to this bluesy hard rock band. Lead singer Tom Keifer had serious problems with his voice a couple of years ago, but with professional help he is back on track again.

Tonight's show starts with a pair of songs from their first release and the band and the crowd are rocking hard from the first minute. Cinderella is just like any band from the eighties, as their setlist is based on a one or two albums. Tonight we get five songs each from their first two releases and three songs from their third one and not one single song from their fourth and latest album, Still Climbing, released in 1994.

This was to be an evening of hits and fan favourites, as the band knows exactly what to play to please the audience. They had some problems with Tom's guitar, but nothing serious that affected the show. Tom's voice was working just fine as he was singing, screaming and shouting like never before and the guys with the strings did a good job, but for God's sake, get a real drum podium to drummer Fred Coury, as you can only see his forehead and hair if you're not 7 feet tall.

50 minutes into the show they play Nobody's Fool and Gypsy Road and I am wondering why they are playing these awesome songs so early, but I found out why as they leave the stage for encores. They come back for two more songs which both felt like a letdown, comparing to the songs played before the encores. To play for only 71 minutes when the ticket price was about $70 is disappointing, but this is probably related to the above mentioned problems with Tom's voice. This was however a great performance for as long as it lasted and I hope they will come back to play for us again. Hopefully with a longer set though.

7 chalices of 10

Once Around The Ride
Shake Me
Heartbreak Station
Somebody Save Me
Night Songs
The More Things Change
Coming Home
Second Wind
Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
Nobody's Fool
Gypsy Road
Long Cold Winter
Shelter Me

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