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Reviewed by Thomas
Those Still Loyal II, Europe 2006 Tour
Special guest: Downlord, Nightrage
City: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Sticky Fingers
Date: 14 April 2006



Downlord, fronted by former Bolt Thrower vocalist Dave Ingram, made some noise, and a lot of noise to make themselves heard. Their brutal death metal didn't seem to attract that many even if it contained some highlights from this band that has yet to deliver their debut album. Despite Ingram's attempt of trying to get the at this time small the crowd to let go of the bar and get down in front, there was just a handful of people at the front row while Downlord unleashed their fury.

That this band has a long way to go was obvious to me. Their performance was barely ok and the tightness of the band was really lousy as was the sound. Every now and then melodies somewhat appeared from the guitars but could barely be heard through the massive noise constructed from Downlord.

(Sorry, no setlist)

4 chalices of 10



I was a bit disappointed to discover that Tompa Lindberg was not in the band anymore, somehow that news had surpassed me. And I was further disappointed that new vocalist Jimmie Strimell couldn't match his predecessors vocal capabilities. Nothing wrong with his enthusiasm though but that does not make up for it all. Gus G on guitar on the other hand is still there and his style of playing is something that I really like, a great guitarist but unfortunately, just like with Downlord, the sound wasn't the best so partly their nice melodic lines were lost.

Nightrage did an ok performance but it felt that there was more that could have been brought out of them. But on the bright side, they played a song from their forthcoming album and by the sound of that one, the album might very well turn out to be just as good as their so far latest effort Descent Into Chaos.

(Sorry, no setlist)

5 chalices of 10


Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower are considered as legends among some and for me this was the first time and further an interesting concert since I have not heard that much with them earlier. Therefore, I went to the concert with wide-open eyes and a great anticipation to see how they could deliver. And after the opening acts this was surely refreshing as well as most impressing, and now the sound that had been poor earlier in the evening was adequate and it was no problem to hear the guitar leads and solos from Bolt Thrower.

Aggressive and brutal metal is the formula for Bolt Thrower and a delivery that was perfect made this evening memorable for a Bolt Thrower newbie as myself. When they laid out thick carpets of massive riffs that seemed to be going on forever it was absolutely brilliant. As I am not that familiar with their songs I can't say what was missed or not but the mixture of the songs in the setlist made a concert that had a great flow and never for one second lost any intensity. It seemed that the band only got better as the night went on, and that they enjoyed being on stage was inevitable to see.

Bolt Thrower got a great reception from the Gothenburg crowd and it is not that often you get to see stage diving or people going crazy in the mosh-pit but Bolt Thrower has some loyal fans and kept the moshing going all through the concert.

When I start looking for mistakes or any negative things I can only come up with one thing; that vocalist Karl Willetts thanked the Copenhagen audience instead of the Gothenburg one in the last song of the ordinary set. But as he corrected himself in the encore you can't really hold that against him. So basically this was a flawless delivery from a band that showed hunger on stage even after all these years and in me Bolt Thrower definitely has gained a new fan.

SETLIST (Might be slightly inaccurate and incomplete)

At First Light
World Eater
The Killchain
Powder Burns
When Glory Beckons
Those Once Loyal
The IVth Crusade
When Cannons Fade
Contact - Wait Out
...For Victory

8,5 chalices of 10

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