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Reviewed by Olof
Special guest: Engel + dEMOTIONAL
City: Göteborg, Sweden
Venue: Trädgårn
Date: 12 November 2011
dEMOTIONAL set length: 25 minutes
Engel set length: 60 minutes
Arch Enemy set length: 90 minutes


On this tour, Arch Enemy (or probably Century Media) decided to not only bring a support band, but also to launch a competition for unsigned bands to support in their city. The competition for the Gothenburg gig was won by this band, dEMOTIONAL, and they also got the most votes of all the bands in Europe, which must be regarded as somewhat of an achievement. What we get is five well dressed, charismatic, young men, delivering melodic metal of the more american sort that seems to work well with the surprisingly big crowd.

They´ve been called a new Sonic Syndicate, which is somewhat fair, but this is more brutal, and the use of two vocalists is better utilized in this band. It gives the band little more of a dynamic feel, and it helps a lot that both of them take the stage in full possession and warm the crowd up with their stage presence. You can tell the band really are psyched about the gig, which is their biggest one so far. I think the future might have something in store for this band, and I would not be surprised to hear more about them in not so long. Remember where you read it first!

Performance: 7 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 6 chalices of 10
: The charisma from the singers
: The light. I can´t see their faces!


Tomorrow Is Today
When She Cries
Sleep Is For The Weak
Words Unspoken


I remember seeing Engel a few years back, when they were supporting Dark Tranquillity. I was not amused, probably because the sound was so bad. Therefore, my interest in this band has not been quite as big as they might deserve. When it´s time for them to take to the stage, I wonder whether it will be better this time, and whether or not guitar player and founding member Niclas Engelin is still in the band, considering his other band is somewhat of a full time job.

I am glad to pretty quickly discover that not only is the sound better this time, but also they seem to have grown as a live act. And even though In Flames is used to larger arenas by now, Niclas seems to really enjoy the, somewhat intimate atmosphere. The band works together as a unit, and all the members have their styles and bring something to the gig. This is a band that has a certain something when it comes to their actions on stage, but it´s hard to point out exactly what it is. Let´s just say that I´d be happy to see this band again, once I´ve listened to some of their songs.

Performance: 8 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 7 chalices of 10
: Niclas' poses
: I´d never heard the songs before...

(sorry, no setlist)

Arch Enemy

The nicely decorated stage works as a very nice frame around the band, when they enter the stage with power. Dressed in their uniforms, they kick of the gig with "Yesterday Is Dead And Gone" and show no mercy. It´s a pleasure for the eye to lay rest on the visual scenery displayed before us. A roaring Angela Gossow, Sherlee D'angelo playing like there was no tomorrow, and the overall scenery, which makes the band and the stage seem like one. It just goes to show that you don´t need to spend money like Rammstein or In Flames to put on a good show.

In one way, it feels like just another day at the office, but the low point of Arch Enemy is very high. It might just be another day on the office for the band, but it certainly is a good day, and a special one for the fans. What really makes the performance come to life is the use of scenery, animated clips, lyrics and film clips projected onto two white screens in the back, one on each side. A pretty simple idea, but well executed.

Overall, what happens is what can easily happen on gigs like this. It starts off great, but as time moves along, the band gets tired, and it seems like they want to rush to the end. Maybe the gig was a few songs to long for them to last all the way, but I don´t really mind. And neither, it seems, does anybody else.

Performance: 8 chalices of 10
Stage sound
: 8 chalices of 10
: Bloodstained Cross
: Why do bands keep insisting on drum solos?

Setlist: (might be slightly incorrect)

Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
Revolution Begins
My Apocalypse
I Will Live Again
Bloostained Cross
Taking Back My Soul
Drum Solo
Under Black Flags We March
Dead Eyes See No Future
No Gods, No Masters
Fields Of Desolation
We Will Rise
Intermezzo Liberté

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